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Digitalogy is an invite-only platform for agencies and development shops. We follow this practice as it has proven for us to be really successful and it helps us to curate the best agency talent for our businesses and clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested. What do I do next?

The next step is to scope out the requirements. You may schedule a call with one of our technical consultants to help you out. Once we have understood your requirements, we will match you with one that best fits your needs. You hop on calls with the shortlisted devs, interview them and sign the contract.

Why should I search for software devs on Digitalogy?

You get access to the most talented (top ~5%) service providers and individual devs, screened and put together under one roof. Our algorithms mixed with human matchmaking efforts match you to the developers that best fit your needs & preferences. We validate each proposal for fair pricing, judicious timelines, and adequate detail.

How much time does it take to help me find the developers?

We guarantee a 72 hour (3 working days) search criteria for remote developers.

What can I expect after submitting my RFP (Request for Proposal) when hiring a dev team?

Once you have submitted your RFP, we will ensure that it contains sufficient detail. We then match you with 2-3 software service providers, who prepare proposals and pitches for your project. In the pitch, you get a budget & a timeline estimate, ratings and reviews of the services providers, portfolios, and past client information, as well as a customized pitch.

What happens if I am not satisfied with an engagement?

While highly unlikely, we understand that sometimes things don't work out. If such a situation comes about, we will match you with another company or individual dev and help you with the transition. We offer a 2-week refund policy as well.

Do you work with freelancers and individual contractors?

Yes, we do, But you can only hire freelancers from the US or Canada right now due to legal challenges and tax complications.

Can you help me with permanent full-time in-house developers?

Yes, we can. We charge a 15% headhunting fee for successful hires and offer a 60-day free replacement policy as well.

How do you match companies to software service providers?

We match companies using our matching algorithms with oversight from our client success team. In addition to the filtering according to the kind of requirement (Java, Scala), we also take into account location preferences, budget, stage of development, company size, specific domain expertise, and past experience (say you need a Blockchain specialist team - we will connect you to the developer(s) with experience in Blockchain, ICO’s, Smart Contracts, Etc.).

What if I am unsure about my needs?

No need to worry. Schedule a call with us, and one of our solutions architects will guide you and help you prepare a solid project scope.

How do you screen your software companies and individual developers?

We have quite an exhaustive selection process that includes screening a service provider's portfolio, interviewing individual developers, talking to past clients (multiple references), checking code quality, LinkedIn verification, physical office due diligence, and at times doing test projects with the software devs.

For the complete process visit our home page and check out here .

Where are your companies and individual developers generally located?

Our companies are located worldwide with higher concentrations in the US, South America, and Eastern Europe. However, we only match companies according to your geographical preferences. If you want your prospective teams to be in the same time zone or in your city, we will match you accordingly.

For the individual developers - US & Canada.

What if I’m a non-technical founder?

No problems, we have helped tons of non-technical co-founders from scratch to successful product launches. We’ll provide you a free Project Manager who can act as your team member and lay down product strategies, roadmaps, and the best stack to follow.

Describe the service providers on the platform and the services that they offer? What do they focus on? How big are your service providers?

Our service providers work in different domains, starting from Android development to Google glass app development, from Oracle's framework to Blockchain technology. However, each service provider has its own strengths, and we try to match you with service providers with a defined and demonstrated strength in your domain. Service providers range from small 2-10 people firms to 500+ enterprises in terms of size.

Can you give me a case study?

Yes! Email us at [email protected], and we’ll share the most relevant and most recent case studies with you.


Is Digitalogy 100% free to leverage?

Hiring individual contractors and dev shops are 100% free to use. No strings attached. smiley

What are the pricing options available on Digitalogy?

We have companies based in different parts of the world catering to various organizations & businesses. In terms of pricing, we have companies that charge as low as $15 per hour and companies that charge over $250 per hour depending on the skill, experience, and location requirements. However, we match companies based on your location preferences and budget.

In the case of individual contractors, they usually range between $80-$150/hr (US/Canada only).

What do you mean by vetted quotes?

All of our vendors and their proposals are vetted for their pricing, ensuring that you are not being charged exorbitantly or unfairly. Also, we make sure they have a similar experience (like your project). We also make sure that we find teams that are specialized in respective technologies or projects. For example, someone is looking for Magento development; we are confident in finding them someone who make their bread and butter via Magento instead of an agency that does Magento work just because it wants to allocate its an idle developer to a project.

Can I get a trial period?

It depends on the service provider & the project specifications. While most of the service providers are open to trial periods, at times, the project is too small to warrant a trial period.

In the case of the individual developer - there is no trial period. However, we’ll not bill you for any work if you do not like the developer and plan to terminate the contract within 15 days.

Legal & IP

How do you ensure that my IP is secure?

Our service providers and developers have noted professionals in their respective fields, so the chance of any infringement is minuscule. However, your privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us, so we have exhaustive service agreements & NDAs with all of our service providers. Our NDA binds each service provider to standard nondisclosure terms for all information they receive on the Digitalogy platform.

Who owns the legal rights to the technology developed by a Digitalogy’s service provider?

The client owns the legal rights. All of the development done by Digitalogy’s service providers is deemed “work made for hire” and thus, all of the development done is the client's sole property.