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Digitalogy is an invite-only platform for top-notch software developers and engineers. We follow this practice as it has proven for us to be really successful and it helps us to curate the best developer talent for our businesses and clients.

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How Digitalogy Works?

Digitalogy caters to thousands of startups and enterprises all over the world, looking to save time and money in the IT outsourcing process.

How It Works
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Tell us your requirements

Let us know what kind of contract developers or agency you are looking for, and one of our technology consultants will reach out to schedule an introductory call.

Tell Us Your Requirements
We find the perfect match
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We find the perfect match

Every project is different, and we know that the right fit can make the difference between failure and success. We will handpick 1-2 developers or dev shops from our pool within the guaranteed 72-hours that best fits your project's requirements.

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Discuss your project

Speak to engineers, dev shops, or developers that you want to work with before signing up with them. Decide who you want to hire for your dream project!

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Ongoing Support
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Work with them safely

Once hired, enjoy reliable and stable cooperation. Discuss roadmaps, develop features, estimate deadlines, and streamline communication. Make milestone payments as per your satisfaction with the work being done.

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World class-support

The support we provide is truly world-class. When you hire devs from us, you'll work with an optional dedicated Digitalogy Rep who will answer questions, resolve any issues, and will do anything to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the experience.

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A Global Network Serving Global Audience

The company network's heart is in the US, but we've brought together the best talent from other countries and continents. They call it the Mecca of "software outsourcing".

Global Network

Developers are Well-Renowned Pundits

The development teams and developers are masters at their craft, 10x stronger than those listed on platforms that do not screen the talent. They build scalable, fault-tolerant software because they can't do it any other way.

Hackathons Won

Building quality tech under pressure is in the DNA of our partners. Our developers naturally love hackathons and always excel at them.

Driverless Cars Built

Our developers have built and shipped software for a leading car manufacturing brand, which is betting big in the driverless segment. They have been a competitor of Tesla for the last 5 years.

Software Sent to different planets

We have the OG rocket scientists on our network. Our developers have built systems for ISRO, NASA, and SpaceX.

Google Design Awards Won

Apps that our developers have built and designed have been recognized by Google as some of the best products on the Play Store.

Robots Built Seamlessly

Our developers' cum partners have built robots for logistics automation, biotechnology, gene sequencing, agriculture, and automotive assembly plants.

Olympiads Won

Our partners have won awards at the esteemed United States Maths Olympiad, International Physics Olympiad, and have gained recognition from Harvard University.

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