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Which Companies are Hiring Blockchain Engineers


Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, and Bitcoin are some of the most searched words on Google in the last two years. As per Glassdoor, the demands for these Engineers have also multiplied by a factor of 3. It has taken the podium position in hiring the most talented Engineers in recent times. We at Digitalogy decided to help those developers by going the extra mile and have curated the list of “Best Blockchain Companies” which are on a hiring spree and are continuously looking to add more people to their teams.


Crowdcreate is the best and number 1 community organization and growing agency in the tech and cryptocurrency world. They’re without fail ranked as one of the finest crypto marketing groups throughout the web. They’ve been characterized on,, and named as one of IndieGoGo’s top associate agencies. Their team has put an effort into over 40+ startup projects and has years of crowdfunding proficiency in working with some of the largest blockchain and enterprise companies in the world.

They’re associated with the most significant people in Blockchain. They have traveled to the biggest crypto conferences in the world and have networked with thought leaders like the Co-Founder of Ethereum (Joseph Lubin), the Founder of Litecoin (Charlie Lee), and the biggest Bitcoin Whale VC Investor (Tim Draper).

Company’s Website:


$PAC is a digital benefit based off of DASH with a rock-solid foundation and a vivid future. $PAC is an exclusive hybrid that merges a master node network at its foundation complimented with a vibrant community. These two associations synergize jointly and provide a strong foundation for future projects of $PAC. The master node network providers will employ the $PAC community to help steer 15% of the outlook coin supply on use cases focused on charity, content, and alternative choices. They have recently finished a successful deliverance program with over 60,000 transactions where there were over two trillion old PAC converted to the new coins called $PAC!

The PAC to $PAC redemption window has been closed on June 30th, 2018, but they will keep a small pool of coins available to uphold their originally published schedule. Currently, there are approximately 270 million $PAC available.

Company’s Website:

They have worked with top-tier ICO projects to hold up their marketing efforts and cultivate their community for the long term. They’ve worked with some of the top-notch ICOs like Republic Protocol, IoTeX, Phantasma, QuarkChain & DADI. They have made their way into huge projects with their self-esteem team of 30 community managers and marketers.

And as they say “We like to assist create the finest projects in the industry, the ones you’ll see close to the peak of every list!” is hiring – Blockchain and Cryptocurrency developers. Crypto Marketer (All levels) and more… Visit their website for further details.

Company’s Website:


Polysign is a very premature stage startup co-founded by the founders of Ripple, and they are currently looking for talented back-end engineers to help them solve the principal problems in crypto today which are custody and security. They offer both the benefits of a larger company like 401k, flexible working hours, salary, and benefits pooled with the upside of getting in on the ground floor of a very untimely stage startup founded by people who have done it before.

Arthur Britto founded PolySign (one of the founders of Ripple), along with the help of David Schwartz (Chief Cryptographer of Ripple). Both Combined and have architected a solution that is stride function above what’s presently available on the market today and they would love to tell you more about themselves if you’re interested.

Company’s Website:

Crypto Profits

Crypto Profits is a digital organization that facilitates market blockchain, cryptocurrency companies, and different ICOs. They have a sturdy global presence with workplaces in Romania, Australia, the United States and, Singapore and a team of 150+ digital specialists.

They currently represent a number of blockchain and ICO companies and have a steady workflow of projects for the precise person.

Company’s Website:


Looking for an on-demand overhaul mobile platform, JOP is here!! with +35K users in New York City. JOP was commenced in 2016 by Sebastian Lombardo and Canel Frichet, 2 French-Americans with extensive track records and they were digital entrepreneurs.

JOP Blockchain is looking for a COO (Chief Operating Officer)/partner to join their executive team (working in tandem with the CEO/Founder). JOP is considering making fully decentralized payments, earned as a voting inducement in the peer ascendancy system, and can be staked by service contributors to generate more bookings from customers, incurring no platform fees.

Company’s Website:

Bitcoin Enhanced

Bitcoin Enhanced is a cryptocurrency that augments the price of Bitcoin by predicting when its price is likely to drop. If you consider Bitcoin then Bitcoin Enhanced presents you the possibility of appreciably enhanced returns. In other words, the precariousness of Bitcoin is used by Bitcoin Enhanced to improve prices.

Because of Bitcoin’s swift growth, the compounding consequences of successful foretells is staggering. Because Bitcoin Enhanced is fundamentally derived from Bitcoin, there will be no ICO or AirDrop or additional mechanism that could weaken the coin’s value. From the first day onwards they are dedicated to providing full value to holders of the coin.

Company’s Website:


Jelurida is the growth organization behind Ardor blockchain and Nxt platforms. Having tenable sufficient funding from a victorious crowdsale the previous year, Jelurida is entering a new segment in its expansion. They are currently looking to expand their development, business, and marketing team.

Jelurida has a firm, working product and a recognized reputation in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world.

Company’s Website:


Cobo is a venture-backed cryptocurrency company led by blockchain and hardware experts working on two product lines that comprise of software wallet and a cutting-edge hardware case. Think of the software wallet as a super user-friendly wallet for daily use, and the hardware is a really protected way to store your precious bitcoins, with safety well beyond what you can discover in software wallets found on phones, or Macs/PCs.

They are situating a new standard of user-friendly and protected technologies for possessing and using cryptocurrencies, and from day one have worldwide ambitions in mind.

Company’s Website:


They are a new blockchain company creating the “Uber for developers” – called Atrium. Our platform will enable over 25 million active software developers around the world to earn a steady income by solving coding issues on both public and private software projects on Github – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They’ll be able to earn tokens for each commit and/or issue solved on active software projects connected to our platform. Our platform also expands into other business sectors like Sales and Marketing, enabling a human-to-bot, or bot-to-bot transactions for micro-tasks, where the author earns token for each micro-task that their bot completes.

Company’s Website:

We really hope that the above post can help you or your friends get a better insight on the companies that are actively looking to Hire Blockchain Engineers and are really on a roll. In case the companies are looking for any kind of outsourcing help and are seeking additional hands to speed up their internal projects, we at Digitalogy are more than happy to help them, find Blockchain Consultants. We are also responsible for helping multiple million dollar Blockchain startups to find and Hire Blockchain Engineering Agency for their MVP and develop their initial products.

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