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Top 10 Software Development Companies In the USA in 2024

Top Software Development agencies in the USA

Looking for the Top Software development companies in the USA? Here is the list of top software developers in the USA with some focus points, metrics, and reviews. Software companies are one of the fastest-growing industries in the USA. There are hundreds of software development teams in Silicon Valley itself. But this has formed a huge impasse for budding entrepreneurs who are in search to choose the right software development company for their adapted software project. To assist these service seekers in choosing the right software development company, We Digitalogy has prepared a chart of the top dependent & top software development companies in the USA in 2024. The below-listed agencies provide exceptional custom software development services in the USA which include Mobile, Web, ERP, UI/UX, and Data analysis:

Here is a List of the Top 10 Trusted Software Development Companies in the USA

1. New Haircut

New Haircut this software development firm USA holds a reputable position as one of the leading companies in the field of software development. It is situated in New Jersey. Jay and his team use Google design sprints to help ambitious, but otherwise busy product teams design and develop their digital products better and 4X faster. Product teams choose them because of their user-centered approach, mastery of Google design sprints, prototyping and strategy, and belief in actions and results.

They associate with product teams in 2 ways:

  • Creating New Products

From proposal to instigation, they support product teams by scheming and building entirely new, pioneering technology platforms.

  • Improving obtainable Products

Company stakeholders desire their products to produce a Return on Investment. But the only conversations you’re having are about “better UX” or adding new features. They’ll help to first classify success, and then create new or enhanced solutions to achieve that success.

Major Focus: Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, UX/UI Design

Key Clients: Experian, UL, Johnson & Johnson, Coach, Papa John’s, Trading Tables, Keas, etc.

Team Size: 15-20

Rates: $100-$150/hr

Rating: 9.4

2. Arctic Empire

Arctic Empire is also a software development firm and it was founded in 2010; it has established itself as an organizer of creativity and innovation within the mobile development market. With the herd in game development, Arctic Empire transitioned into a full-service digital agency in 2015 to lead businesses from entrepreneurs to an enterprise with our skills and expertise in design, development, and digital marketing.

Their team has worked with local and international clients to supply custom digital solutions modified to a surfeit of diverse businesses. They quote “We pride ourselves on what we have to offer as we integrate your vision with our experience”. Arctic Empire has just partnered with New Leaf which enhanced their expertise in E-commerce by multifold. Their offices in Canada and California enable their clients to meet them face-to-face in the country of their choice.

Major Focus: Mobile App Development, Web Development, Web Design

Key Clients: Smash Fund, Fusions, Nunavut, Wildlife Management Board, Jump Natural.

Team Size: 30-40

Rates: $80-$120/hr

Rating: 9.9

3. Speed and Function

Speed and Function is also a software development firm situated in Philadelphia, it is a web application development company that was founded in 2006. Their main focus is on UI engineering. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and with two offices in Eastern Europe, they can offer a “finest in class” knowledge-sharing and teamwork environment at viable rates. Their most recent expertise in Premium Blockchain Consulting, speaks volumes about their team and their love for R&D.

Major Focus: Mobile App Development, Web Development, E-Commerce Development

Key Clients: Comcast, Bstow, Safety Tag, ProctorU, Spa Standard, etc.

Team Size: 30-40

Rates: $50-$100/hr

Rating: 9.5

4. TechSuite

TechSuite is a software development agency based in New York for emerging startups, innovative enterprises, and ambitious SMBs with no waste of time. They design, develop, and organize digital products more professionally than anyone else, ever, and support rising brands enthusiastically with lean and flexible assistance to help them scale rapidly. They exist to bring original, disruptive technology and imaginative solutions to all industries, with the main goal of accelerating novelty.

Their mission is to communize the whole artifact development process so that the furthermost ideas in the world can come to life.

Major Focus: Mobile App Development, Web Development, UX/UI Design

Key Clients:, Eastsy, Beanthere, Airtame, etc.

Team Size: 30-40

Rates: $50-$100/hr

Rating: 10

5. Ten Forward Consulting

Ten Forward Consulting is a software development firm founded by Brian Samson and is based in Madison, WI. Their full-service expansion shops grant custom code modifications to meet your exact needs. Their agile approach delivers solid, maintainable, and on-budget for their clients.

From approach to completion, they work with Fate 500s and entrepreneurs like to hit critical goals, commence new initiatives, and fix inefficient processes. They are HTML5, Ruby on Rails, and Mobile development experts.

Major Focus: Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, UX/UI Design

Key Clients: Morgan Stanley, Minute Menu, Its America, Burger King.

Team Size: 10-20

Rates: $100-$150/hr

Rating: 9.5

6. Majestyk

Majestyk is a software development firm Founded in 2011 with a two-way spirit, Majestyk’s vision is to produce an enhanced everyday life through exceptional experiences.

As a squad of zealous and pioneering thinkers, they are driven to create digital products that leave lasting impressions. At their foundation, there is the belief that a daring strategic idea is about giving your business the methods it needs to grow and flourish. Their digital functions are crafted to attain outstanding results that unite smart business strategy, tech-ability thinking, and the ability to connect with consumers. Majestyk has given out some of the world’s most up-and-coming tech, toy, social, lifestyle, fashion, auto, pharmaceutical, and hospitality brands.

Major Focus: Web Development, Mobile App Development, UX/UI Design

Key Clients: IBM, Citi Bank, Ally Auto, Cognitoys Elemental, Path Audiomack.

Team Size: 10-20

Rates: $100-$150/hr

Rating: 9.8

7. ClearSummit

Based in Santa Monica (CA), ClearSummit is a software development firm that was founded in the year 2012. It provides a front-end mobile application and back-end development, web platform development, and UX/UI design for its clients. They specialize in rapid gyrates for prototypes, as well as from start to end the development of apps, web servers, and entire platforms. Shane and Kara make sure their clients are set up to be capable of moving quickly from alpha to beta, to complete and scalable public discharge for their ideas with the highest excellence plan and engineering from start to finish. They also provide consulting and development services for existing products.

You can also check out their design vertical which goes by the name Atoms and Pixels, located in Virginia.

Major Focus: Web Development, Mobile App Development

Key Clients: Align, JetSpace, LightGhost, Luminary

Team Size: 10-20

Rates: $100-$150/hr

Rating: 10

8. SnapMobile

SnapMobile is a software development firm and They are a Chicago-based team that considers building a mobile app for your business should be uncomplicated, quick, and affordable. Their development advancement helps their clients to build amazing experiences at a portion of the cost of a typical agency. They say “When you’re ready to develop a mobile app for your business, come to build “awesome” with us”.

“SnapMobile has always done a great job of the due diligence and getting to understand similarities and offering different ideas that I might not have come to them. They try to figure out what’s best for our company and our relationship.” — Pat McGinn, Director of Account Management at IMI Agency

Their Service Offerings include Mobile Product Strategy, Prototyping and Concept Design, Mobile Product Design, iOS App Development, and Android App Development.

Major Focus: Custom Software Development, Application Management & Support, Web Development, Mobile App Development

Key Clients: Hilton, Mitsubishi, BBVA Bank, Creative Group, Spikeball

Team Size: 30-40

Rates: N/A (Custom, fixed quotes)

Rating: 9.8

9. Kanda Software Development

Kanda Software Development is situated in New York and it has a record of serving tech startups and medium-sized businesses to create MVPs for their large plan. They are professionals at building modern RESTful, approachable, single-page web applications, that are simple to deploy, range, and preserve. Kanda’s communicational ideas and methods allow them to capture the necessities and interpret them into a functional application. They are a startup organization of 1-10 employees and they are expanding. Sameer, founder of Kanda Software Development makes sure that all the new and existing customers are delivered the highest level of customer satisfaction and hence takes care of SDLC completely.

Major Focus: Web Development, Application Management & Support, Mobile App Development.

Key Clients: Legitimo App, Green Is Universal, EatWhatever, SLR Lounge, and Con Artist Collective.

Team Size: 1-10

Rates: $80-$150/hr

Rating: 9.6

10. Codesushi

Codesushi is a software development company that was founded in the year 2010 and is located in Los Angeles; CA. It is an accomplished Scrum-driven lineup of Symfony2 web development ninjas. They delight in their technical expertise and ability to distribute effective solutions using their skills in PHP, AngularJS, MySQL, XHTML, HTML5, and CSS.

They have experience working with innumerable third-party APIs and can dole out as your in-house technical team, putting you firmly in organizing the creative process and helping deliver a full parcel of technical services to your clients.

Major Focus: Web Development, Application Management & Support, and E-Commerce

Key Clients: Creative Group, JetSpace, Its America, Burger King.

Team Size: 20-30

Rates: $50-$100/hr

Rating: 9.4


After reading the entire list we can proudly say that we have helped you shortlist the best ones from almost 300k+ dev teams existing in the US all alone and you can choose more wisely by comparing them. We at Digitalogy are extremely satisfied by working and connecting our clients to most of them and helping startups to emerge.



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