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Top 12 ReactJS Projects For Beginners

Top ReactJS Projects For Beginners

If you are already aware of JavaScript or learning it, you might have heard of ReactJS. ReactJS was created by Facebook (now Meta) in 2013 to make the UI reusable and easier to maintain.

Along with the core library, React Development Tools play a pivotal role in enhancing the development experience. It has gained the reputation of being among the simplest languages for coding. Aspiring programmers and developers have shifted towards ReactJS because of its framework library full of valuable components that have attracted programmers. 

There are various categories of software applications. Almost all of these applications can be built using the ReactJS coding framework. To optimally leverage this framework, having a skilled React JS Programmer on board can make a significant difference. But before looking into what kind of applications can be built, let’s first understand what exactly ReactJS is.

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ReactJS Defined

ReactJS is a JavaScript framework, with substantially less code than you would need to write if you were using plain-vanilla JavaScript. It is primarily used to quickly and easily create interactive UI and internet applications.

The primary role of React is to deal with the look of an application similar to V in an MVC pattern by providing the most smooth and efficient execution. The ReactJS model integrates JavaScript’s effectiveness and speed with a more effective method of modifying the DOM to generate website pages more quickly and build online applications that are incredibly flexible and responsive.

Reasons To Learn ReactJS in 2023

Reasons To Learn ReactJS
Reasons to learn ReactJS in 2023

ReactJS has become a trendy language among programmers. Mastering ReactJS will help you boost your career as a developer. If you are learning JavaScript or already using it, learning ReactJS will be very simple for you. 

Since its debut, React has expanded astronomically and has experienced the fastest growth of any front-end framework in such a short span of time, demonstrating the depth of its acceptance in the developer community.

As there are already so many JavaScript frameworks, one might wonder why use ReactJS when there are others present. There are many reasons why learning ReactJS is helpful. A few of these reasons are:

  • Reusable Components: ReactJS is a huge pile of components which means that all the components can be reused. 
  • React Patterns: With React, you can develop straightforward interfaces for every single aspect of your application and interactive UIs that use a descriptive approach.
  • Concurrent Mode: Concurrent Mode is a new set of tools and features for React applications that enables them to smoothly adapt to the user’s connection speed and device capabilities while maintaining responsiveness.
  • SEO Friendly: An SEO-friendly architecture can be obtained using React’s pre-rendering functionality in single-page and multi-page applications.

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Essential Skills Required For ReactJS Projects

Essential Skills Required For ReactJS Projects
Skills Required for ReactJS Projects
  • HTML+CSS: A React developer should be able to work with semantic HTML tags and write CSS selectors. 
  • JSX: You’ll use the JSX syntax extension in React, which is unquestionably among the most amazing components of the React framework. Because JSX looks similar to HTML, some people mistake it for JavaScript with an HTML flavor.
  • GIT: Git is crucial for maintaining and storing projects on platforms like GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab in any developer’s arsenal.
  • Node+NPM: Developers working with React must be well-versed with the npm registry. This is the domain where programmers can obtain the tools they need to create software. Sounds absurd, but that’s what npm is, a cloud storage solution for the programs we refer to as dependencies.
  • Redux: Redux is more than just a data-handling library. It is an autonomous method of dealing with data rather than a framework. Although functional programming and data integrity are the guiding concepts of Redux, it is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

12 Best ReactJS Projects For Beginners To Try Out In 2023

  1. To-Do Application

You can enter as many chores as you’d like into To-Do software to keep track of your tasks list. You can also browse for tasks, check boxes to mark them as accomplished, and sort by active, finished, and all tasks. As a fledgling ReactJS developer, this is another fantastic project to add to your portfolio.

  1. Calculator 

A functional calculator with a user-friendly layout. Another excellent project idea for an aspiring developer is to create a virtual calculator using React.

Many different calculator programs are available on our PCs, smartphones, and other devices. This input box attempts to carry out operations like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication, among others, at the user’s request for input numbers. 

  1. Snapshot

It is a straightforward picture portfolio project that allows us to browse photographs based on keywords and modify the category based on choices like Alps, Coastlines, Wildlife, and Food. The zoomed-in photos appear when you hover over the photographs.

React Hooks, Context API, and React Router were used to develop this app. Several standard default pages and a search page were established for the Routes. Axios and the Flickr API were also used to show the photographs according to the repository’s specifications.

  1. Weather Application

A weather software that offers thorough weather information for a region that the user has chosen. For displaying the most recent weather forecasts, React, and the Open Weather API were used. The town and nation you would like to get a weather prediction are available as search possibilities here. The React hooks, conditional rendering, and API calls will all be fetched using the collect method.

  1. Blog Application

A basic blog application is software with functionality such as articles sorted by most liked or remarked writer profiles, and article pages with comments threads and response buttons. This program essentially has 3 separate filters, and depending on which filter is used, the listing component will produce 3 distinct pages. Pagination, React Hooks, and other sorting methods were used in the development of a Blog Application.

  1. E-commerce Websites and Applications

React, and Typescript were used to build an e-commerce website that allows people to filter clothing products based on the sizing that customers like, such as M, L, or XL. Each product on the website has an “Add to cart” button, which, when clicked by the customer, adds the item to their shopping cart. It can be checked out in the end. Many big organizations have e-commerce websites. Amazon and Flipkart are examples of big companies which are famously known for their e-commerce trade. 

  1. Messenger Application

ReactJS can be used to develop a simple yet inventive messaging application. It is among the simplest and most effective ReactJS project ideas for aspiring developers to develop their abilities. All of the conversations can be displayed on a dashboard. 

The programming process can be made simple by using several elements. And yes, ReactJS is definitely beneficial for that. React and Socket IO concepts ought to be understood. Once you are aware of everything, you are prepared to build a fantastic messaging platform.

  1. React Forms

The React form is a simple beginner-friendly ReactJS project idea that you can work on. Several forms are being created to collect the person’s information. First, you are supposed to understand what event handlers, react hooks and states are. All of the keys need to operate effectively. The information from the complete form should be saved in the backend. In the end, you can give dummy data. 

  1. Social Media Application

As social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are excellent instances of smart apps, the potential future of social media is great. Due to the ever-growing number of sophisticated advanced features they contain, these apps might serve as excellent inspiration for ReactJS projects. The best thing about utilizing React to build a social media application is that you already know what functionality it has to have. 

  1. Entertainment Application

Media material, such as podcasts, music, and films, is the main focus of entertainment apps. Entertainment applications include Netflix, Audible, Spotify, and Soundcloud, to name a few. Surprisingly, there are a lot of entertainment applications available nowadays that have a direct connection to social networking.

If entertainment applications are created using ReactJS, they will surely be very simple and easy to build. Build your application on the entertainment medium that most appeals to you. The goal is to create an entertainment app that allows users to sign in, access and save their preferred material.

  1. Simple CRM

CRM is among the simplest ReactJS applications for newcomers to use. In this ReactJS project, you may add choices for sorting and grouping by various values, create a new user, and a key to dismiss the user. You can also show clients the assignments or appointments.

You determine how many extra perks there will be. For this project, using Bootstrap is a great option because it provides a ton of ready-made elements.

  1. Filter and Search

An application software where the main emphasis is on developing sophisticated filtration and searches is yet another excellent ReactJS project to have in your portfolio as a beginner. 

A table containing information on individuals, publications, movies, etc., should be the program’s foundation. Additionally, you must design a box with sorting choices and a search box where, after more than three characters, the components on the table will alter following the searched word.


After reading this article, you might have gotten the idea of how ReactJS is different from other programming languages and how it encourages developers to learn. The simplicity of ReactJS is why it is in high demand and attracting developers.

It is a fantastic programming language for creating applications with digestible, easily understandable components. Keeping track of the state of the current components is among React’s great attributes. You surely have understood how ReactJS encourages developers, especially aspiring ones, to build simpler, more scalable software.

If you want to learn how to utilize ReactJS to alter how web applications are constructed, there is much more information to read. I advise you to thoroughly explore the projects created in ReactJS from the start by the ReactJS community as extra reading or analysis.

Happy Learning!


Q1. How Do I Run an Existing React.js Project?

Ans. You can use “Run NPM start” which is a command of package.json file used for configuring the command. 

Q2. Can ReactJS be used for simple projects? 

Ans. Yes, ReactJS can be used for simple to complex projects. 

Q3. What are the famous examples of ReactJS applications?

Ans. ReactJS is owned by Meta, which means most of the Facebook-based components are built using ReactJS. Not only Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram’s foundation is also based on ReactJS. 

Q4. What are the features of ReactJS? 

Ans. JSX, Virtual DOM, and Components are the main features of ReactJS.

Q5. How much time does it take to learn ReactJS?

Ans. You can learn ReactJS within one to four weeks. 

Q6. Is there a high demand for ReactJS developers in 2023?

Ans. Yes, ReactJS is among the simplest programming languages, and that’s why it is in high demand in 2023. 

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