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Top Programming Languages for Android App Development In 2024

Top Programming Languages for Android Development

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In this article, we will discuss the top Android development programming languages that you can use for future Android development projects.

Android apps are the most in-demand apps because the Android operating system is used in multiple devices around the world. Android today powers mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Google launched the operating system in the year 2008, and it has grown as an operating system since then. Devices use the operating system from Google, Samsung, Sony, etc. Android supports a plethora of apps and has its own app store, the Google Play Store.

The Android operating system and its app store are used by 3 billion people worldwide. Android today has nearly 70 percent of the mobile OS market because of its speed, features, and affordability. 

Top Programming Languages for Application Development
Check out the top Programming Languages for Android Development in 2024

Needless to say, Android App development is very beneficial and crucial for software development companies. Companies are investing a lot of manpower and skills into the creation and maintenance of Android apps.

The main component of Android app development is the use of an efficient Android app development programming language, right?

And, the two main and the most popular programming languages lying in this category are Java and Kotlin.

However, there are many more Android app development languages that Android developers are familiar with and, that are discussed in this blog.

Best Programming Languages Used For Android App Development 

1. Java 

  • Java has played the role of being the official language of Android app development for decades but now, the official language has changed to Kotlin.
  • Many of the apps are built with Java, which is the most supported language of the Google Play Store.
  • It is a very useful language, and a great online community of Java developers and experts support the language.
  • A programmer can depend on this vast community for further app development and troubleshooting. However, Java is a high-level language that might require more work to learn for a beginner.
  • It is a language with topics like constructors, null point exceptions, etc. The language also has concurrency and checked exceptions.
  • The use of this language with the Android SDK makes the whole process complex. Therefore, if you are a mid-level or experienced Android developer, this programming language is the best for you. 

2. Kotlin 

  • Kotlin is a newer programming language over Java.
  • It is the official programming language for Android, as announced by Google. Google said that Kotlin is the best language to create Android apps for the Google Play store.
  • The language is a cross-platform development language that is used to create apps for different operating systems along with Android.
  • The Kotlin language is a viable alternative to the Java Language. It was named the secondary programming language for Android after Java in 2017.

Kotlin-Java Relationship

Kotlin and Java are complementary, and both can be run on Java Virtual Machine for programming and testing. Kotlin is a little different from Java because it removes the superfluous features of the language. Kotlin is a much simpler language, and even beginners can start to learn and use it. The language can be used as an entry-level programming language for Android app development. 

3. C++ 


The C++ language is also a high-level programming language that can be used for Android app development. The Android development language can be used with the help of Native development kit or NDK from Android.

However, C++ does not entirely work with the Android development cycle, and the NDK is used to develop certain parts of the application. C++ developers use the language with the help of C++ code libraries that are specially designed to create apps.

C++: Not a good choice for Android App Development?

C++ is not better than Java or Kotlin as it can be complex and have more bugs than other languages. The language can be difficult to set up and needs more flexibility. Therefore, it is different from a language that beginners in Android app development can use. The C++ language is mostly used for specific purposes and by experienced Android app developers. 

4. C# 

c# logo

C# is another major language that can be used to create Android apps. The C# language is similar to Java. The language is used by Android app developers extensively. It also creates a Garbage collection similar to Java language, and that foolproofs the application against any kind of memory leak.

The programmers prefer using C# for coding because it is simpler and cleaner than the Java language. The only drawback that the C# language has is that it could earlier only run on Windows systems. However, today, the language has evolved with Xamarin and can be used on different operating systems.

With the help of Xamarin, C# can be used to develop app code that can be shared on multiple platforms and used across different devices. The common language infrastructure for Android has evolved and diversified. 

5. Python 

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Python can be used for Android App development even though Android does not align with Python development. Though the language can not be used for native app development, it can be used to create Python code which is then converted into Android packages and used as Android apps.

Many tools work as Android conversion platforms and integrate the cross-platform app feature into Python apps. Such a tool library is Kivy. Kivy is an open-source Python library that can be used for Android app development too. However, the apps created by Python are not native to Android and will lose out on the native features. 

6. HTML, CSS, JavaScript 

html, css, javascript-logo

Android apps can also be created using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. The languages can be used to create Android apps using the PhoneGap framework.

The framework and the languages can be used to create hybrid apps that are coded like Android applications but are presented like web applications via the WebView feature.

The languages can be used to incorporate front-end and back-end features so that hybrid app development can happen for the app. 

The Adobe PhoneGap framework is used to create the basic features of the app and incorporate programming from JavaScript. However, if you want to create a complex app with multiple features, you should use other programming languages along with JavaScript.

A true Android developer has developed skills in multiple languages and can use them to create apps of all levels.

As a software developer, you can learn JavaScript with React Native and create hybrid apps with excellent features. Hybrid apps can run on multiple platforms, including Android.

If you wish to run the apps on iOS and Android, then coding with both JavaScript and React Native is important. Learning React Native can be very helpful for the Android developer. 

7. Dart 

dart logo

Dart is an object-oriented programming language useful for Android app development. The Dart Language is a primary language that powers Flutter SDK. It is open source and very efficient in programming. The language, along with the Flutter framework, is used to create apps that run on all platforms- mobile, desktop, and on the web.

The adaptability of the apps on multiple platforms and devices is a reason why an Android app developer should know the Dart Language. Google designs the Dart Language to create client-optimized apps that have robust UI and backend.

The Dart language has a hot reload feature and mainly focuses on the development of apps that are UI-adapted. The hot reload feature allows the developer to see the changes that have been made. The developer can track the changes in real-time and preview the app with the features.

Dart is an efficient programming language that adapts to multiple platforms and is fast in performance. On the other hand, the language is used to create apps that not only run-on mobile phones but also on web platforms. 

8. Corona

corona logo

The Corona programming language is a well-known programming language for Android app development. The framework uses Lua to create Android apps with different features. The Corona platform has two modes:

  • Simulator mode – It is used to create Android apps.
  • Native mode – It is used to create integrations with the native code from the Lua code so that the app can be viewed, edited, and run on the Android Studio platform.

Thus, the apps that develop using Corona can be run as Native as well as hybrid apps. 

Lua is not as extensive as Java in its programming capacity. However, Lua has multiple programming features, plugins, and other extensions that create applications with ease. There are many assets like monetization features that help create a robust Android app.

The use of Corona is mostly for the development of graphic applications and interactive features. The language is very simple and has an easy learning curve. Thus, with the use of Corona and Lua, one can create efficient Android apps. 


These are the top Android programming languages that you can use for application development. In the present competitive landscape, it is important to possess skills in more than one programming language of Android. With the programming languages, you can use different frameworks and create different types of Android applications. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1- What are the most popular programming languages for Android app development?

Ans: The most popular languages for Android app development are:
Java, Kotlin, C++, C#

Q2- Which programming language is the best for Android app development?

Ans: The ideal programming language for creating Android apps will rely on your individual requirements and tastes. Java is a wonderful option for novices since it is a supported and well-documented language. Developers looking for a more contemporary language with certain features that make it simpler to create Android apps may consider Kotlin. For programmers looking to create high-performance Android apps, C++ is a great choice. For programmers who are already fluent in the language, C# is a solid option.

Q3- What are the benefits of using a programming language other than Java for Android app development?

Ans: Using a language other than Java to build Android apps has a number of advantages, such as:
1. Performance: High-performance Android apps that are more responsive and effective than Java apps may be created using C++ and C#.
2. Modern features: Kotlin and C# both include null safety and generics, two contemporary characteristics that make it simpler to create Android apps.
3. Community Support: The huge and vibrant communities for C# and Kotlin may offer developers resources and help.

Q4- What are the drawbacks of using a programming language other than Java for Android app development?

Ans: There are several disadvantages to developing Android apps in a language other than Java, such as:
1. Learning curve: Compared to Java, C++ and C# are more complicated and might be more challenging to master.
2. Tool Support: Less tool support is available for C++ and C# than Java.
3. Compatible: Applications written in C++ and C# aren’t necessarily compatible with every Android device.

Q5- What are the future trends for programming languages in Android app development?

Ans: Some of the popular future trends are-
1. Kotlin is a developing language that is becoming more popular for Android app development.
2. Rust and Swift are two brand-new programming languages that may be utilized to create Android apps in the future.
3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used more and more. New programming languages that are created particularly for certain purposes may result from this.

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