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Top Node JS Projects for Beginners In 2024

nodejs projects

In this blog, we will cover various NodeJS Projects for Beginners that can be useful to them. Big organizations like Uber, Facebook, and Amazon use NodeJS for their applications. Not only these, but popular full-stack technologies like MERN and MEAN also use NodeJS.

Before looking into top NodeJS projects, let’s have a look at what NodeJS is. 

What is NodeJS? 

NodeJS is a cross-platform, open-source JavaScript runtime server and library for operating web applications outside the company’s browser. It was created in 2009 by Ryan Dahl.

Last year in April 2021, a new version of NodeJS 15.14 was released and is used by the developers to create the service side of web applications and is ideal for applications that are data insensitive as their models are highly synchronized and event-driven. 

NodeJS in a nutshell

What are the uses of NodeJS? 

There are several reasons why developers prefer using NodeJS for the server side of an application. 

  • NodeJs is built on Google Chrome’s Engine, and its processing time and speed are extremely fast.
  • NodeJS Package Manager contains over 50,000 stacks. Developers can transfer any of the bundles at any time based on the operability they require, saving a significant amount of time.
  • NodeJs does not require anyone to wait for an API to revert back the data, it is ideal for developing genuine time and data-intensive web applications. It is completely non-parallel in nature, which indicates it is completely non-blocking.
  • NodeJs reduces the loading speed for a sound or video file because it provides good code quality synchronization between the server and the client for possessing a similar code base.
  • Since NodeJs is an open source and is nothing more than a JavaScript framework, it is simple for developers who are previously familiar with JavaScript to begin developing their projects with NodeJs.

Features of NodeJS

  • Single Thread Architecture:

NodeJs employs a single-threaded architecture along with activity looping, which makes it more workable. Compared to other domains, NodeJs creates a restricted number of threads to implement requests. Compared to the event-driven method, NodeJS servers respond in a non-blocking or adaptive manner, which makes it more scalable.

Compared to other traditional standard servers, such as Apache HTTP servers, NodeJs deals with a greater volume of requests and uses a single-threaded program, which enables it to handle a large number of requests.

  • NodeJS is Scalable:

Nowadays, the majority of businesses require scalable software.  Scalability is among the most urgent issues, in software programming and NodeJs addresses it. NodeJs can understand and manage requests very proficiently. NodeJs employs a clump module to manage task scheduling across all active CPU cores.

The most attractive aspect of NodeJs is its ability to divide applications horizontally, which it accomplishes primarily through basic processes. By using this feature, various application versions are provided to a variety of target audiences, and personalization enables them to accommodate client preferences.

  • Quick code execution: NodeJs uses the V8 JavaScript duration motor, which is also used by Google Chrome. The control systems packaging for the JavaScript, which speeds up the run-time motor and as a result, speeds up the implementation process of the requests inside NodeJs.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: NodeJs can be used on a wide range of systems, including Windows, LINUX, MacOS, and many other mobile devices. It can be combined with any best-choice package to generate a self-sufficient implementation. 
  • High-Speed  Data Streaming: Usually, it takes a very long time to process information and data that has been transferred to various streams. NodeJs, on the other hand, process data in quite less amount of time and at a rapid rate. NodeJS saves plenty of time because it processes and uploads files at the same time. As a result, NodeJs enhances the general speed of information and video streaming.

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Advantages of NodeJS

Node.js excels at constructing fast, highly scalable network applications and it also provides advantages such as enhanced achievement, increased efficiency, fast development, and other advantages. Today’s demands for handling and consuming real-time data are critical, and Node.js is incredibly fast in multi-user, real-time data scenarios. It’s no wonder that many startups gravitate toward it.

There are various advantages of using NodeJS as it is best suitable for projects like : 

  • Real-Time Applications
  • Messaging Applications
  • Multiplayer Games 
  • Collaboration Tools 
  • API 

NodeJS is highly scalable and it is very different from other programming languages in terms of many things it is asynchronous and event-driven in nature which allows it to function at high speed without waiting for the APIs. Not only this, but their single-thread architecture helps NodeJS to process a large number of requests.

Because NodeJS is easy to operate as a programming language, it has also become very popular among major organizations for their applications. According to a survey by Stack Overflow, there are over 65,000 developers who have shifted to NodeJS for development purposes. Companies that use NodeJS are: 

  • Netflix: NodeJS, along with JavaScript, helped Netflix to transform its website into a single-page application by making changes in the back end of its website. 
  • Uber: Uber is one of the first companies to adopt NodeJS for their application development. They create systems that help a user to book or cancel a ride through their application. 
  • LinkedIn: They have used various technologies but according to a developer at LinkedIn, they have used NodeJS for their back-end processes. 

Why should you learn NodeJS?

NodeJS is the perfect skill to start your career as a developer. This skill opens up amazing career opportunities. As it is very clear that every programming language has its benefits, the question is why NodeJS is more popular and in demand than any other language. Why are developers learning NodeJS? The answers to these questions are:- 

  • NodeJS develops real-time applications. The synchronization process of NodeJS is very fast compared to other programming languages. It makes RTA scalable, usable, and lightweight.
  • As Chrome V8 Engine powers it, NodeJS provides a runtime that executes JavaScript speed. Paypal used NodeJS for their application and found that their application was built twice fast, with 33% fewer code lines and 40% fewer files. More notably, they doubled the number of requests delivered per second while reducing the average response time by 35%. As a result, Node is a great choice for creating highly scalable applications.
  • NodeJS streams allow applications to use less storage while interacting with huge amounts of data, allowing them to run faster. This feature is handy for developers working on real-time sound or video encoding.
  • The number of companies that use NodeJS for developing applications is growing all the time. It includes nearly 300 notable companies, such as Medium and Uber.
  • There is a low learning curve. A developer who is already familiar with JavaScript can easily learn NodeJS as both of them are very similar to each other. 

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Best NodeJS Projects for Beginners

After learning NodeJS, one can easily handle basic projects. A beginner can work independently or with an organization as a NodeJS developer. Here are a few examples of various NodeJS projects that a beginner can easily handle:

nodejs projects
NodeJS Projects for Beginners

1. Build a book directory

Books Directory is a classic example of a project that a beginner can start. This project can be created by just using NodeJS and ExpressJS. To build this application you only need a collection of books and endpoints using four basic methods: GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE.

Below is how code can be created using NodeJS for building a book directory. 

const express = require(‘express’);

const router = express.Router();

const books = require(‘./books.json’);

// Get all the books

router.get(‘/’, (req, res) => {



// Get a specific book

router.get(‘/:id’, (req, res) => {

  const { id } = req.params;

  res.json(books.filter((ele) => === parseInt(id)));

});‘/’, (req, res) => {

  const body = req.body;



  res.json({ message: ‘The book has been added’ });


router.put(‘/:id’, (req, res) => {

  const { id } = req.params;

  const body = req.body;

  books.forEach((book, index) => {

    if ( === parseInt(id)) {

      books[index] = body;



  res.json({ message: `The book with ID ${id} has been updated` });

  // res.json(books);


router.delete(‘/:id’, (req, res) => {

  const { id } = req.params;

  books.forEach((book, index) => {

    if ( === parseInt(id)) {




  res.json({ message: `Book with id #${id} has been deleted` });


module.exports = router;

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2. Portfolio Applications

This NodeJS-based application focuses on the collection of data and its management, whether it’s for a revenue or economic expansion portfolio. It comprises three parts: the server, which delivers data on demand, the database, which arranges the data, and the application, which channels it. The server must respond to the user’s requirements. You can also utilize the CRUD operation to build, interpret, upgrade, and remove entries in this case. It should have a showcase feature that displays the most recent data. The user’s profile for managing personal details should be encrypted as well.

3. Job Search Application

This application is used for searching for a job related to one‘s field or area of expertise. Under Index.js, which represents the core file, various components can be generated. These components include programming language for API calls, writing job search details, and error messages in the event of an incorrect entry. Helmet can safeguard customers’ details such as contact info and emails. It is a NodeJS package containing 11 security components that you can use to guarantee the robustness of your JavaScript backend and prevent data loss and unconfident connections.

4. Natural Language Processing

This application pushes human interaction to greater heights. The primary function of this application is to change a verbal message to a text-based message. Natural Language Process (NLP.js) is a general natural language software. NodeJS is a programming language for automatic speech identification and entity extraction that endorses 40 languages. This project provides a Graphic user interface-based platform that can be built to evaluate log files, extracting and forming insights to assist best and support customers and boost sales.

5. Chat Applications

This introductory project will teach you how to create your own real-time chat application. More importantly, it will showcase an essential concept that NodeJS alone isn’t always enough to finish a task. If you’re creating a chat application, you’ll almost certainly require Express.js and a few other packages and libraries.

6. Web Scraper

A web scraper is a good place to start if you need data for your website. Assume you decided to collect film reviews. To obtain that data, you would need to create a web scraper. Perhaps you’d like a content aggregation service. You’d have to create a web scraper for that as well. Create a scraper that can extract particular data from specific websites. 

7. Task Management

This application will assist you in maintaining your daily tasks and keeping a smooth workflow. This application also necessitates create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations. Start creating a primary index.js document to launch the application, routers to give appropriate routing to certain other paths, models for data storage in the database, a database that will collect all the data, middleware for verification, and any other packages that are required to operate the application. All of the tools required by software developers to operate NodeJS applications are contained in Node.exe. It’s ideal for software that requires a stable link from the browser to the server.

8. Email Sender

This project is very interesting, to begin with. While working on this project, you can learn how to send and schedule emails in NodeJS. You can employ the Nodemailer plugin, which simplifies email sending and includes functions like HTML embedding.

NodeJS is also used to generate the emails you receive during the verification process for the user. The most commonly used network transport method is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) technology, which is used to send outgoing emails throughout various networks. It also acts as a transmission provider, allowing emails to be sent from one domain controller to another.

9. Discord Website

What do you think is more popular these days for a real-life chat? The answer is of course Discord and Slack. There are numerous bots available on Discord that make chatting more convenient. To enhance the functionality of your servers, you could test by developing a Discord bot with Node.js. As an example, consider a project planning bot for an efficient server.

10. Personal Website

This is a project you can undertake to help yourself in the future, create a personal website as well as a personal portfolio. Single-page web applications are the strength of Node.js. To make it perfect, instead of tough coding the data, build a database with your own information in it — this will help you gain more knowledge and experience with database management and processing. It will also make your website more adaptable.

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Becoming a NodeJS developer comes with great opportunities and challenges. If you can understand the concept of NodeJS as a programming language, it will be very easy for you to become a successful NodeJS developer. There are several tasks you can begin with to kickstart your career. These tasks are just a few examples, there are many more projects you can start once you have a hold of the NodeJS programming language. 

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