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Top 35+ Angular Interview Questions & Answers [Beginner to Advance]

Top Angular Interview Questions For Developers

In this article, we highlight the top 35 Angular interview questions at different levels of professional environments. 

What is Angular?

Our world runs on social media apps only. Billions of people use social media applications for multiple purposes. Healthcare, banking, social media, and this list goes on when we talk about the application world, users worldwide use web services and applications for such services.

These applications help us to have a more convenient and hassle-free experience. But the big question lies, how are these applications created, for a delightful experience? The master behind this is a widely used framework called Angular. 

Angular is an open-source JavaScript, written in TypeScript. It is maintained by Google and the primary purpose of Angular is to help the developers to create large applications by providing them a standard structure. 

Importance Of Angular In 2023

Angular is well-known among developers for creating applications. One of the most popular front-end web application JavaScript frameworks is Angular. It possesses the ability to maintain its position for forthcoming web applications for developers.

Because of its potential to provide modern web applications, solitary applications, and cross-platform applications, Angular will serve as a front-end structure in 2023. A developer must consider angular front-end development because it persists in a widely used framework by many professional developers.

Many big companies such as Microsoft and Google have boldly started using Angular in 2023.

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Should You Learn Angular In 2023?

The main power of the developer is to understand this, he must have the appropriate and ample amount of knowledge about the application development methods. Plus he should be confident enough regarding the same. As a developer, the framework you use must be advanced and simple to use. Using Angular checks all these boxes.

In 2023, Angular is the most popular and yet the easiest framework for a developer. Above all, Angular puts the developer’s experience. JavaScript is known for its bizarre methods for application development, Angular gives support to TypeScript which makes sure a safe experience for the developers. 

What Is An Average Salary Of An Angular Developer?

The salary of an angular developer depends upon the years of experience the developer has and the knowledge he/she holds. In the US, the average salary of an angular developer is usually around $117,000.

It usually varies between the experiences one holds. The salary of a beginner developer starts from around $97,000 and goes up to $147,000 for experienced developers. 

In Canada, the average salary that is observed is $103,750 for a developer. The entry-level salary is usually $84,000 or more and the experienced ones earn up to $110,000. 

This shall not be ignored that, if a developer has high experience and knowledge, he or she can earn more than the provided stats.

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Top 35 Questions Asked For An Angular Interview

The questions asked by the interviewer differ from each other in the manner, of who is the interviewee. For a beginner, who has just started his career as a developer, the questions are basic and simple whereas a person with high experience is asked different questions which are advanced as compared to beginner’s level.

Below are the different questions that can be asked as per the level of a developer. 

For beginners:

  1. What are the advantages of using Angular and not other frameworks

Angular comes with a variety of in-built features such as routing, state management, the rxjs library, and HTTP services. HTML is used to render an application’s user interface in Angular. HTML is known to be a declarative language that is far more user-friendly than JavaScript.

  1. What is the difference between Angular and React?
Angular is based on TypeScript.React is based on JavaScript.
Angular can be operated on both mobile and web development.React can be operated only on UI development. 
Angular includes a huge array of toolkits, resource centers, frameworks, plug-ins, to make development easier and more enjoyable.A developer has to use a third-party library for any feature as nothing is inbuilt in React. 
  1. What is the difference between AngularJS and Angular?
  • AngularJS uses the language of JavaScript whereas Angular uses the language of TypeScript. 
  • AngularJS does not work with mobile phones whereas Angular works with popular mobile browsers. 
  • Maintaining the codes with AngularJS becomes tedious while working on the big applications but with Angular, it is very much easier to maintain codes.
  1. What do you understand by templates in Angular?

A template is really a type of HTML that informs Angular how to depict a component. Like classical HTML, an Angular HTML template creates a perspective, or UI, in the web page, but with much more functionalities. Angular API analyzes a module’s HTML template, generates HTML, and produces it.

  1. What do you understand by single-page applications?

Single page applications or (sap) are web-based applications that only require to be loaded once, and additional features are limited to small alterations to the user interface.

  1. Name the different directives in Angular.
  • Component Directives
  • Structural Directives
  • Attribute Directives
  1. What do you understand by Data Binding in Angular?

One of the most important and effective components for enabling communication between both the DOM and the component is data binding. It simplifies the process of creating digital apps by eliminating the necessity to stress regarding data pushing or pulling between both the components and the templates.

  1. In Angular, what is Scope?

A scope in Angular is a component that pertains to the application interface. It is a setting wherein an expression can be run. These scopes are categorized hierarchically, similar to the Document object model structure of the code. A scope facilitates the progression of occurrences and the tracking of representations.

  1. What are the four types of Data Binding?
  • Property Binding
  • Event Binding
  • String Binding
  • Two-way Data Binding
  1. Explain the working of an Angular application.

There is a file by the name of angular.json in every Angular application. All the configurations of the application are contained in this file. The builder evaluates this file while constructing the application to evaluate the application’s point of entry.

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For the intermediates:

  1. In Angular, what are the decorators?

The decorators are the basic concept in TypeScript. As we know Angular is a huge part of TypeScript, it has become a very important component. Decorators are techniques or designs that are prompted by a category, technique, or property and then are marked with a @ symbol. They enable for the alteration of a service, guideline, or filter prior to its use.

  1. What do you understand by ‘annotations’ in Angular?

Annotations are tough language features. Annotations are essentially metadata that is applied to a class in order to represent the metadata catalog. When an operator annotates a category, the coder creates an annotations property, then saves an annotation range in there, and afterward makes an attempt to implement a component with a similar name as the annotation, transferring the metadata further into the constructor because annotations in AngularJS aren’t preset, we can name them on our own.

  1. What are Pure Pipes?

These would be pipelines that merely employ basic functions. , a genuine pipe will have no internal state and its outcome continues to remain constant as far as the variables supplied remain constant. When the variables being supplied change, Angular invites the pipe. In all components, a specific instance of the genuine pipe is used.

  1. What are Impure Pipes?

For every change detection loop, regardless of the change throughout the input fields, Angular invites an impure pipe. Several pipe situations are created for every pipe. The inputs to these pipes can be changed.

  1. What do you understand by Pipe Transform Interface in Angular?

Pipes use this interface to conduct a transformation. The transform function is called by Angular with the worth of binding as the initial argument and also any arguments as such second parameter through list form. Custom pipes are implemented using this interface.

  1. What do you understand by Bootstrapping?

Simply put, Angular bootstrapping allows developers to set up or immediately begin the Angular application. Respectively manual and automatic bootstrapping, both are supported by Angular.

  1. What are the two different types of Bootstrapping?
  • Manual Bootstrapping 
  • Automatic Bootstrapping
  1. What are the three Angular Building Blocks? 
  • Components 
  • Data Binding 
  • Dependency Injection (DI) 
  1. What do you understand by Angular Authentication and Authorization? 

A user’s login information is passed to the server’s authenticate API. When the server validates the credentials, it reverts a JSON web token (JWT) containing the present user’s attributes and information.

Furthermore, JWT allows the user to be quickly recognized, a practice called authentication. After signing in, users have varying kinds and levels of connectivity. Some have full access, while others could be restricted to certain resources. These users’ connectivity levels are determined by authorization.  

  1. What is the digest cycle process in Angular?

In Angular, the digest cycle is the process by which the watch list is surveilled to check the progress of the changes in the watch variable value. Within every digest cycle, the current and prior editions of scope model values are compared.

  1.  How can a service be created in Angular?

In Angular, a service is a component that can be substituted. It is both wired and blended using dependency injection (DI). Services are created by registering them in the module where they will be implemented.

  1. What are the three methods of creating a service in Angular?
  • Service 
  • Factory
  • Provider 

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For the Advanced:

  1. What do you understand by eager and lazy loading?

Eager Loading- The eager loading method is the standard module-loading method. Before the program starts, eager loading function modules are loaded. This is mostly used in small applications.

Lazy Loading- The method used by lazy loading works dynamically as per needed. This helps to speed up the process of application. It is mainly used for larger projects or big-scale applications.

  1. What do you understand by view encapsulation in Angular?

The role of view encapsulation is to specify if there is any impact of templates and designs over the entire program 

  1. Name the three encapsulation methods.
  • Native
  • Emulated 
  • None 
  1. What do you understand by subscribing to RxJS?

When using observables in RxJS, we must subscribe to an experimentally verified observable in order to utilize the data that passes through that observable. This information is created by a publisher and utilized by a subscriber.

Once designers subscribe to the observable, designers transfer in a feature for the information and another for the errors, so that in the event of an error, designers can display a statement or process the statement in some way.

  1. What do you understand about an Angular Router?

In a solitary frontend application, routing is the job of responding to URL changes caused by adding or deleting subject matter from the application. It is a difficult task because we are required to intercept a plea that alters the browser’s URL because we do not want the search engine to refresh.

Then we must decide which subject matter to eliminate and which to add, and at last, we must modify the browser’s URL to demonstrate the operator of the webpage they are on.

  1. What do you understand by REST?

Representable state transfer usually referred to as REST, is an API that works on directions by HTTP. 

  1. Explain Angular CLI.

Angular CLI stands for Angular command-line interface. Angular appears to support CLI tools, which allow practitioners to utilize them to add elements, implement them immediately, and conduct an evaluation, among other things.

  1. What do you understand by Schematics?

Schematics are code generators that use templates to qualify complex logic. It is commonly bundled into records and installed using npm. The primary objective of schematics is to alter the course of a software project by creating or reconfiguring code.

  1. What do you understand by Schematics CLI?

It is mainly used for the transformation of Web-based applications projects 

  1. What is the role of SPA in Angular?

SPA is a shortened form for Single Page Application. When the URL keeps changing, this technology only keeps one page, index.HTML. In contrast to typical web technology, SPA technology is simple to implement and incredibly efficient.

  1. Name the different types of compilers used in Angular.
  • Just in time (JIT) compiler 
  • Ahead of time (AOT) compiler 
  1. What do you understand by NoopZone? 

NoopZone assists Angular in determining when and how to launch the change detection. However, if Angular is to be employed without the need for a region, the NoopZone must also be configured.

  1. What will happen if you will use the Script tag within a template?

Angular understands the value as unsecured and instantly sanitizes it by removing the script tag while maintaining safe content like the script tag’s textual information. This lessens the possibility of script injection attacks. If you keep using it, it will be ignored, and an alert will appear in the web browsing console.

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Both the interviewer and the interviewee play a crucial role. For someone who is new to Angular, the questions asked should be very basic. The interviewer can also ask the applicant to give the answers with the help of some examples in written tasks. Both theoretical and written answers are required. 

For someone who has a good working experience as a developer with sound knowledge of Angular, questions related to previous projects and tasks can be asked to have a better understanding of the applicant knows about Angular or not.

An applicant who hopes to get a good position as an Angular developer must go through these questions and answers which might be helpful for the interview process. 

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