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The Future of Chatbots

The Future of Chatbots

Bots have taken huge discussions in the tech industry for years now, and only for good reason. Various surveys confirmed that most customers already agree to or even prefer chatbots. For a complete understanding as to how Chatbots and AI can revolutionize used to mark up your business we highly recommend you read outlines of Artificial Intelligence. As per the Aspect Consumer Experience Index of 2016, 65% of consumers feel that having Chatbots in customer service is the way of the future and 72% of millennial account constructive experiences with Chatbots. Many favor Chatbots for the expediency and immediate gratification they allow.

Now that you know almost every customer prefer bots, what’s in it for your business?

For starters, they save time and cost. A new article released by UK-based Juniper Research that estimates, chatbots will help businesses hoard more than $8 billion per year by 2022. Bots have the capability to perk up the efficiency and productivity of workers in businesses by providing quick answers and explanations to customers with simple queries. Therefore, they lessen operational costs, manpower and time.

While a salaried staff can only knowledgeably handle one customer at a time, chatbots can hold on to an almost unlimited quantity of interactions simultaneously. This gives businesses an occasion to have a discussion with customers without requiring additional staff. Hence, not only reducing time but also reducing cost — especially if you feature in the time and money it takes to educate and hire staff. Economics tycoon, JPMorgan Chase & Co launched COIN, a bot competent in analyzing complex permissible contracts faster and more proficiently than human lawyers can. The bot has helped complete what JPMorgan staffs expend over 360,000 hours a year doing in just a matter of seconds.

Bots never get weary, call in unwell or have bad days that can wipe off onto customers and smear brand image. And on top of that, they are not vulnerable to human mistake that can charge your businesses revenue and loyal customers. A variety of experts have also concluded that chatbots are cheaper to build up than mobile apps, especially since platforms like Messenger OF Facebook allow brands to host their bots. Therefore, if agitated correctly, this clever software can be the counter to a lot of the problems your business is facing. Juniper Research of U.K. also founded that industries who supervises large volumes of human communication can benefit the most from bots. The study also forecasts that the success rate of bots relations in the healthcare sector will increase from 13% in 2017 to over 72% by 2022, while it will climb for the banking sector to 85%.

Externally also chatbots help in an orderly fashion. If that was not persuasive enough, bots not only simplify the load for you on the backend of things, but it also puts a grin on your customer’s face. Nowadays no one likes hanging around in a queue or hearing the dreaded “All of our agents are currently busy. Please wait for a moment or leave your message and number” messages.

As per the State of Chatbots Report of 2017, 60% of respondents considered “24-hour service” as the most predictable benefit of chatbots while the second most was “getting an instantaneous response,” revealed by 57% of the customers. Chatbots can be equipped with non-stop engagement with customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with instant and faultless service. Having superior customer service right on time has a constructive impact on your customer satisfaction and preservation. Deloitte accounted that 62% of companies view customer understanding delivered by a brand as a gung-ho differentiator.

Besides facilitating a brand experience that is simpler and more flawless for customers, bots also reduce a noteworthy amount of cost and resources for your corporation. It is significant for businesses to strap up the benefits of deploying chatbots as tools to perk up efficiency and customer familiarity both on the inside and out. Any business organization can reach up to Millions of Potential Customers through messenger platforms. In order to grow your business, you need to interrelate with as many probable customers as possible. This is where chatbots come into the picture; they create an effortless path for customers to manage with your business throughout conversational AI via messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, which lately passed 1.3 Billion users as you can see from the chart via Techcrunch.

That is 1.3 billion potential customers with direct access to your Chatbot already installed on their devices.

In short, Chatbots influences messaging platforms with integral audiences allowing your business to perform with hundreds of millions of probable customers without the need to waste precious resources on downloads. Sales can also be increased through Improved Order Efficiency. Chatbots can noticeably progress sales for any business. This is accomplished in mainly two ways.

  • Trim down the number of steps it takes to acquire a product
  • Lessen the total time it takes to get hands on the product

For example, a coffee shop puts in a great effort to serve a large number of customers during the daybreak rush. Long queues slow down order competence and dissuade potential customers who are time sensitive.

However, with the help of bot such as OrderBot in that place will assist customers in completing their order prior to arrival in three simple steps, illustrated below.

  • Order
  • Pay
  • Collect

Customers are now able to purchase and prepay for any product in three simple steps. Reducing the time in queues considerably for Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) businesses. A simplified order procedure has led to a middling increase in order quantity by 25% along with a 32% increase in transactions across OrderBot clients.

As from our above blog we can see that our future is chatbots. As they are overtaking manpower over time, there will be a time in future comes where chatbots will be a more preferred choice of customers than human as they are faultless, not weary and can work without getting tired for a long plan of time.

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