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Top 13 Reasons Why You Should Choose to Move to Flutter


The requirement for Mobile Applications is more than Websites. Subsequently, Businesses have understood the need to utilize portable channels for pulling in clients viably. One possible and best practical solution is to provide timely updates and use advance mobile applications. Also, usability plays a vital role in understanding the client’s needs and expectations from the users.

Google’s new Software Development Kit, Flutter is now gaining roots in the market. Among many coherent features, the most crucial part that Flutter provides for its developer is the cross-platform application. Now developers can write apps on one particular platform and compile it on various other platforms. E.g. Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS, etc.

There has been a tremendous rise in the demand for flutter developers in recent years. But before you start your journey as a flutter developer, you must have a glance over a few things we will be discussing further in our blog.

What is Flutter?

Cross-stage applications are well established for any business since discrete local iOS and Android applications are more costly to create and keep up. It offers a brisk method to make excellent applications for operational frameworks, personal computers, and the web from a solitary codebase. It is effectively utilized and advanced by Google, and we expect that it will turn out to be generally mainstream soon.

Flutter toolbox is a cross-stage innovation from Google that permits application programs for versatile, work area, and web use. It uses the Dart programming language, which depends on the famous Java programing. If you know Java/C#, you can expertise your programming skills with Dart.

The innovation stays aware of the most recent events and is utilized by engineers around the world. It has a rapid growth in its community, and people are accepting it on a large scale. In particular, it is open-source and free. Hence, over the years, it is sure that it will enjoy a joyful growth stage.

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Reasons Why You Should Choose to Move to Flutter – 

We can see the developing notoriety of cross-stage innovations for building versatile applications. The ongoing and most encouraging one is Google’s Flutter. It’s caused a buzz in the designer’s locale and pulled in consideration of numerous entrepreneurs. So, let’s quickly have an overview of a few crucial aspects every developer must consider before beginning the journey with Flutter.

1. It’s Free and Open Source

Before going deep into all the positive aspects of becoming a flutter developer, the foremost important thing is that it’s free and open-source! All developers in the world like to work in open source platforms and it gives you the portability to do so.

Potent platforms compete with Flutter currently, but Google has made sure that its UI toolkit must stand best amongst everyone. Above all, the best part is that you can find many developers who are already in this, have upgraded, and share resources with others. You will feel flutter family once you get into the roots of the development.

2. Flutter Allows a Cross-platform Approach

Suppose you are creating versatile applications for Android and IOS, the advancements for these two stages are unique. For instance, Android requires coding in Java or Kotlin, and iOS utilizes Swift or Objective-C. So you have build up numerous adaptations for the comparative items. It uses the equivalent codebase for the two IOS and Android making it easy for developers to debug and solve problems incurred.

3. Hot Reload

The Hot Reload highlight of Flutter expands the designer’s profitability. The “Hot Reload” naturally occurs each time you spare! With an extension to the same, it gives designers a stronghold to work on their team leads.

Thus, maintaining better cooperation with the team to design an elegant UI. This outcome decreased the improvement time by almost 30–40%; designers can go quicker with every adjustment being applied immediately. Hot Reload is undoubtedly a hot element that loans a power multiplier impact to Flutter.

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4. One Codebase — Dart

In Android coding, there are discrete records for frontend, which are referred to by backend (Java); shudder utilizes a solitary language (Dart), which does both the activity and uses a responsive structure. In Flutter, the programming language Dart is used.

Dart is statically composed and permits you to manage a considerably more organized code, which means you can make more mind-boggling applications and progressive structures. The language has a clean and incredibly unique linguistic structure. It is easy to change to Dart and begin utilizing it immediately for the individuals who have just worked with such famous languages as C#, Java, and TypeScript.

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5. Great UI Experience

Flutter gives a rich inventory of implicit UI segments that can be effectively altered. The most fantastic thing you can do with flutter is modification! It provides full customization for its developers and users.

While it’s ordinarily conceivable to do a custom UI on the local stages, the exertion’s measure required contrasts. You can make an application utilizing a blend of gadgets along these lines. It gives delightful and adaptable devices that cause Flutter applications to feel incredible.

6. Own Rendering Engine

Flutter guarantees an outright opportunity in making a UI. The complicated part which can’t be handled by other applications can be easily framed with flutter. It makes the system quite impressive by giving access to its user with enormous open source packages. It utilizes Skia for delivering itself onto a stage gave canvas.

As a result of the motor, UI worked in Flutter can be dispatched on any stage. With the ever-increasing rise in the flutter developers community, there is a substantial rise in open source packages.

7. Supporting IDE’s Like Never Before

The genuine problems start when an application becomes “congested” with capacities and unavoidably gets muddled. With Flutter’s structure, you will likewise have fewer issues while adjusting your application to every stage.

Most designs can adapt to any Integrated Development Environments. Now with flutter, you can quickly adapt with any IDE you find your space. Unlike Android Studio, It gives you the feasibility to choose IDE of your own and get acquainted with your coding environments. It is adaptable to many IDE’s.

8. High App Performance

The Flutter programming style is responsive and definitive. It doesn’t have to use a JavaScript connect, which improves the application’s startup times and general execution. This velocity up the application startup time and improves performance.

Makers of Flutter guarantee a consistent 60 fps (outlines every second), which is the pace of the smooth and clear picture showed on the advanced screens. Dart likewise utilizes Just-in-Time (JIT) aggregation.

JIT arrangement with Flutter improves the advancement work process by considering a hot reload capacity to reinforce the UI during improvement without an entirely new form.

9. Simple Logic Implementation

Flutter gives progressed OS highlights like GPS arranges, sensor information assortment, consent taking care of, Bluetooth, certifications, and different highlights in prepared-to-utilize modules upheld by Google.

It can build up a correspondence between its Dart programming language and the local code utilizing stage channels. With a flutter, you can set up stage local codes and Dart stage channels easily. Along these lines, you can execute whatever a local application can do on a Flutter application, with only some additional exertion on the local side.

10. Server Configuration with Firebase

Select the help of firebase assists with dispatching your portable application genuine fast. Some arrangements of capacities like distributed storage and all are genuinely praising Flutter. Firebase gives out of the crate uphold for an assortment of administrations, such as distributed storage, cloud capacities, ongoing information bases, facilitating, validation.

Your framework is quickly serverless, repetitive, and adaptable. It’s additionally clear to consolidate it with an instrument for robotizing your turn of events and delivery measures like Fastlane, encouraging Continuous Delivery.

You can utilize all the upsides of Firebase in Flutter application improvement, as you would a local one. Additionally, it permits the making of receptive applications, and Firebase modules offer responsive streams to work with information. That will enable you to coordinate specific arrangements into Flutter applications rapidly.

11. Smooth and Clean UI

We all love things that are easy to memorize and efficient to learn. It utilizes a comparable widget like the App bar, Snack bar, Drawer, Scaffold, etc.

Additionally, all the elements you see on your screen is a Widget, and it depends on your choice and array of widgets to build an app. Flutter is likewise basically straightforward on the off chance that you can figure out how to function with object-situated programming dialects.

12. A Never-ending Catalog

Flutter community has always been functioning in providing the extensive catalog of the large open-source database. This database includes all significant packages which a developer will find useful while getting familiar with the environment.

With the ever-increasing rise in the flutter developers community, there is a substantial rise in open source packages — these vast bundles of packages in a flutter makes developers easier to handle intricate tasks with ease. The open-source package is updated with new extensions daily, and the flutter community is showing praiseworthy growth in its resources.

13. Praiseworthy Community

We all know that flutter is open-source, but what we don’t know is its versatile community. You will find a group of similar developers who are incredibly encouraging and supportive all the time. There are weekly sessions where anyone can join and be a part of the discussion.

You can also ask for queries, and you will be greeted with their live help. Many developers arrange zoom meetings and help grow their community together. There are love and bond in this community which makes you feel at home.


Thus, concluding to everything, the vital advantage is that Flutter has truly marvelous documentation that is accessible on Flutter’s authentic site You can allude it to launch your Flutter aptitudes. However, long you have a gimmick or test framework direct as clicking a catch to keep with its effortlessness. Flutter is the future of mobile app development at ease!

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