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How Much Does It Cost To Hire Python Developers?

cost of hiring python developer

Python is a versatile programming language that has experienced high demand over the last few years. As software, machine learning, and data science emerge to the forefront of the IT industry, the use cases of Python and the roles of Python developers are evolving.

The use cases of Python today span IOT, Fintech, and other emerging fields. Having an experienced team of Python developers in the workforce can help every tech company make their dream projects a reality. However, with the demand for Python programming skills going up, it is also very important to pay the developers at par with the industry expectations.

What Is The Median Cost Of Hiring A Python Developer?

According to Glassdoor, the average cost of hiring a Python developer in the United States is $98,480 per year, with total pay being $113,601 per year. This pay scale differs according to the cities, companies, and skill levels of the professional developer. The major employers include Google, Amazon, and Apple.

What Is The Median Cost Of Hiring A Python Developer?
Glassdoor Insights on Average Salary of Python Developers in the United States

According to Payscale, the average base salary of a Python Developer in the United States is $93,269 per year, with the hourly rate being $37.99 per hour.

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Payscale Insights on Average Salary of Python Developers in the United States

Python developers are in high demand for employment because of the multiple use cases and further development in the applications of Python. Leading tech companies are looking to hire experienced and skillful Python developers who can make new digital products possible. Python is looking beyond simple web development, and the trained developers are looking at higher pay grades.

Factors To Consider While Hiring Python Developers

Experimentation and innovation with Python as a programming language have made the job of a Python developer a lucrative one. The pay scale and rewards for a Python developer change from project to project and are determined according to their daily workload.

The factors that decide the pay scale of a Python developer are as follows-


Python developers work on different projects, which can vary in complexity. Depending on the experience level of the developer, he might work on a simple task or a project, or he might work on global-level multi-team projects that require coordination and synchronization. Depending on the complexity of the projects the Python developer handles, his pay scale is determined.

A simple project requires much fewer coding skills when compared with complex projects. Depending on the skill level and effort that the Python developer puts in, his pay scale is determined. If you are looking to hire Python developers for a complex project, create a balanced team with junior and senior experienced developers. The manpower acquisition cost can go up, but it will give great returns on investment.

Expertise and Experience

The expertise and experience of the Python developer also determine the pay scale. Since there are millions of Python developers in the industry today, companies can get developers of any experience level. While a fresher Python developer will cost less to hire, a senior developer with years of experience will cost more to hire. Mid-level experience can be an average marker for a Python developer.

If you are looking for a Python developer with more than five years of experience to manage a project, it will cost towards the high end of the pay spectrum. Even if it costs more, it is important to hire experienced Python developers. Hiring developers who have experience and are also willing to learn about the new-age applications of Python can create a well-balanced team of professionals.


The location of the Python developer that you will hire will also determine the pay scale. For example, a Python developer who is in-house and a permanent employee might cost less in the long run. Similarly, if the developer is located in metro cities or international locations, the cost of hiring will go up. Remote Python developers are cost-effective for short-term projects. However, if there is a long-term deadline for the completion and maintenance of the product, then it is better to hire in-house and local Python developers.

Type of development

The type of development that the professional will do also decides the pay scale for the developer. If the project is full stack development, you need to hire a dedicated full stack developer and pay more for their skills. If employment plans to have a back-end development team and a separate front-end development team, then the pay structure and salaries of the developers and designers will be different. The type and complexity of development are deciding factors of the salary of a Python developer.


After the development of the Python Application, its maintenance is also very important to achieve. The company needs to keep the Python developers on the payroll for maintenance after development. Depending on the times that it needs maintenance and upgrades to the product, the skills of Python developers are put to use. Therefore, the pay scale of Python developers not only depends on development but also depends on the maintenance of the products and their frequency.

Cost Of Hiring Python Developers- Experience Wise

While all other factors of hiring and costs of employment are important, these factors are linked to the experience level of the Python developer. If the developer brings the right kind of experience and skills to the table, all other factors can be modified or included to accommodate the professional.

The experience level of the professional determines the pay grade and remuneration he gets. There are three categories in the professional sector depending on the experience they bring with them.

Fresher-level Python Developer

The fresher Python developer does the basic tasks in the project. However, the developer needs to start somewhere to build experience. Freshers are hired to assist mid-level and high-level developers. The average salary of a fresher level entry into the arena is $74,000-$100,000 per year in the United States.

Junior-level Python Developer

The junior-level entry or mid-level Python developer has two to three years of experience in the development field. She/He is a great support for the hired development team and helps coordinate tasks and compile code and its application. They also contribute to coding and assembling the components of the product. Mid-level developers earn an average salary of $75,00-$1,70,000 per year in the United States.

Senior-level Python Developer

A senior Python developer is highly experienced and has more than five years of experience. Such developers are mostly hired for managerial and monitoring roles. The senior Python developer acts as a bridge between the management and the development team. He coordinates between the team members and leads the team.

He keeps an eye on the progress made and ensures that the team achieves its deadline. He also helps with roadblocks and troubleshooting during the coding and assembling of code. A senior Python developer earns approximately $78,000-$1,85,000 per year in the United States.

So, here is a quick summary:

Experience-level of Python DevelopersRoleAnnual Salary
Fresher-level Python DeveloperBasic tasks; assist mid-level and high-level developers $75,00-$1,70,000
Junior-level Python DeveloperHelps coordinate tasks; compiles code; contributes to coding and assembling the components of the product$75,00-$1,70,000
Senior-level Python DeveloperManagerial and monitoring roles; troubleshooting during the coding and assembling of code; coordinates between the team members and leads the team$78,000-$1,85,000

Job Roles Of Python Developers

The top three job roles of experienced Python developers are as follows-

Data Scientist

Data scientists are specialized Python developers who specialize in collecting data and converting it into actionable insights that can drive business decisions and processes. Data scientists are in much demand among leading tech companies and multinational ventures.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a Data Scientist in the United States is $117,557 per year, with total pay being $113,601 per year.

Machine Learning Engineer

With the use of devices and machine learning with software, roles like machine learning engineers are emerging. A machine learning engineer works closely with the data patterns provided by the Data scientist to create machine learning systems and applications. The engineer also creates ML apps according to client requirements.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a Machine Learning Engineer in the United States is $117,557 per year, with total pay being $113,601 per year.

Web Developers

Python Web Developers are always in demand for the basic process of web application development. Web development is evolving into hybrid and progressive web apps. Python web developers are, therefore, much in demand and earn high-grade salaries depending on the project’s complexity. Every company is investing in the form of an app and creates opportunities for employment for Python Web Developers.


Python Developers are present all around the world. A Python developer can even take the next step in his career by hopping onto international projects and working abroad. There are 8.2 million Python developers in the world today. The sector of Python development is extensive and highly competitive. However, experience and constant upskilling can give you a highly stable and rewarding career for developers in this niche.

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