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7 Best Platforms to Hire Elixir Developers For Your Business

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If you have been planning about your own startup for a while but can’t quite put a finger on how or where to source the right talent for it, stop for a minute and go through this article. Here we will uncover some of the top places to hire Elixir developers, which will not only help you find skilled developers but also help you save some money while putting you in direct contact with the developers for a clearer one-to-one interaction.  In the following sections, we will shed some more light on Elixir, along with the best available platforms to hire Elixir development agency or freelance Elixir developers.

What is Elixir?

Elixir is a general-purpose programming language that was created in 2011 by José Valim to target two primary deliverables, allowing developers to build and manage large-scale projects while maintaining scalability and achieving higher productivity. Elixir comes with all the benefits of Erlang, which in itself is a dynamically typed, concurrent, functional general-purpose programming language and is among the best programming languages for building real-time systems.

Why Choose Elixir?

The intention behind creating Elixir was to bring the best of Ruby, Erlang, and Clojure into a unified platform, and that’s exactly what happened. Elixir offers several benefits that make it a compelling choice of programming language, some of which are mentioned below:

  • One of the major benefits of Elixir is its scalability, which helps you scale your programs as your business grows while making the maintenance process easier on the developers
  • Another important aspect of Elixir is that it is relatively easier to iterate so that you spend less time coding and more time perfecting your idea
  • Elixir also supports concurrency, allowing you to run thousands of processes at once without any slowdowns
  • Resistance to slowdowns helps ensures high uptime and availability so that your programs can respond to queries even under high load

Now that we know why should you pick Elixir, let’s take a look at who else is using Elixir. Elixir is being used by some of the top companies by the likes of Pinterest, Moz Pro, Lonely Planet, Toyota, SquareEnix, Discord, PepsiCo.

Top Platforms to Hire Elixir Developers

Finding the best talent on the internet can become a painful task, especially when you don’t know what exactly to look for and where. Similar to other common programming languages, there are special areas where Elixir works best, but the small number of experienced developers makes finding a capable person even more challenging, although there are platforms and agencies where you can find some of the best and most skilled Elixir developers for your powerful business idea. You can find plenty of talented developers who are eager to work on your next dream project, and regardless of the scale of the project, you can even hire not just one, but multiple Elixir developers if your project requires it.

In this section, we will uncover some of the online platforms where you can find and hire the best Elixir developers and agencies.

  • Toptal

The word Toptal is short for Top Talent, which is what Toptal advertises by hiring only the top 3% of skilled developers through their strict vetting process. Without a doubt, Toptal is one of the best places to hire Elixir developers for projects of all scales. They take professionalism very seriously, and that can be seen from the moment you get in touch with them. Nevertheless, Toptal offers skilled freelance developers for not just Elixir, but also a range of programming languages.

Positives – 

  1. Has a seamless process for hiring the right expert with the right skills
  2. Scaling your team up or down is as easy as possible
  3. Offers robust project management capabilities and tools
  4. Have been in the talent sourcing industry for around a decade

Negatives – 

  1. Toptal is best utilized if you have an intricate project in mind that requires an expert
  2. Toptal’s prices are comparatively higher than the rest of its competitors
  3. Although it is a reputable place to hire qualified developers, the developers don’t get much in return due to the commission and the T&Cs in place.
  4. Recognized as an enterprise with over a thousand employees, it becomes challenging to find a single point of contact and take any legal action, if an issue requires it
  • Digitalogy 

Digitalogy is an on-demand talent sourcing platform where only the top 5% of the dev teams make it to the final pool after clearing a rigorous screening process, including thorough background checks to assure you get some of the best hands for your project. If you’re on the lookout to hire Elixir developers or Elixir development agencies within the shortest turnaround times, rest assured because Digitalogy got you covered with squads of expert Elixir developer agencies and solo freelancers.

Positives – 

  1. Digitalogy has a compact team count (under 50) and in case of any issues, getting in contact with the founders is easy.
  2. At Digitalogy, quality and customer support take the front row and are maintained throughout the journey.
  3. Apart from Elixir, Digitalogy also offers developers technologies such as Blockchain, Golang, and more.
  4. Clients can hire Elixir developers and agencies free of charge(i.e no recruitment, headhunting, pre-screening, and management charges).
  5. Digitalogy has dev shops and agencies all across the globe. Hence, it is best suited to accommodate projects which require local attention (nearshore) or affordable pricing. (offshore).
  6. A perfect option for projects of all budgets

Negatives – 

1. Digitalogy is best suited to find the most skilled individual(contractors and freelancers) talent within North America, but outside of that, you’ll find yourself out of luck.

2. Existing in this market for only five years, they’re fairly new to the talent sourcing industry

  • Upwork 

Upwork is a renowned and among the largest freelancing platforms to remotely hire talented freelancers from across the globe with its transparent bidding process that makes everything hassle-free. Upwork not only allows you to hire the top Elixir developers but many other skilled freelancers from various other domains such as finance, management, support, and many more. Getting your job noticed by freelancers is easy, simply post your job and accept the bid that suits your budget.

Positives – 

  1. Upwork is best for smaller ad-hoc projects with minimal complexity that can be delivered in a short period.
  2. For businesses with a decent budget, Upwork has advanced plans which facilitate the hiring, project management, and support process.
  3. Anyone can join the platform, which makes it one of the largest talent pools for you to hire from.
  4. The platform itself allows smoother communication with freelancers.
  5. The ratings and live chat options add value to the service, making it easier to find and communicate with the right person.

Negatives – 

  1. Unlike its simple hiring process, the candidate screening process may seem much more complicated due to the lack of any vetting process.
  2. On top of that, they charge up to 20% fees from freelancers.
  3. Due to the enormous competition on Upwork, clients end up receiving an excessive amount of bids on their projects, which leads to a wastage of time in picking the perfect candidate.
  4. Clients often make the wrong decision of going for the cheapest bidders, leading to poor quality of deliverables and bad customer experience, instead of going for quality professionals.
  5. Not the best option for large and complex projects.
  • Codementor 

Codementor is primarily a platform to help you connect with an expert developer for live mentorship for your projects, but Codementor does more than that. Being a client, it lets you get in touch with some of the most talented Elixir developers around the world. Including Elixir, Codementor also offers capable mentors and freelance developers for projects related to several technologies such as web, data science, mobile, more.

Positives – 

  1. You get one-on-one mentorship sessions with your mentor where might solve a majority of your problems and understand what caused them
  2. Mentors are only allowed on the platform after clearing the vetting process, ensuring quality.
  3. Access to a variety of skilled experts available for hire for your project

Negative – 

  1. The pricing may make you look for alternatives
  • VenturePact

Like the majority of the platforms on this list, VenturePact also offers a pre-screened pool of the top 4% of talent from across the globe, allowing you to hire some of the best Elixir development agencies for your next project. With VenturePact, you get personalized attention while picking your freelance developer or a development agency for a range of verticals backed by authentic reviews and up-to-date portfolios. As far as the pricing goes, it can ramp up depending on various factors such as the skill of the individual/agency, technology mastered, and so on.

Positives – 

  1. VentureBeat offers a one-of-a-kind agile project management tool that effectively tracks the project’s milestones and setbacks.
  2. Performance indicators give you an insight into who’s been working and how much they’ve been working each day
  3. The integrated automated code review tool gives you an overall idea of the quality of the code

Negatives – 

  1. The platform isn’t much actively used these days
  2. The data on VenturePact about their freelancers and agencies, such as reviews, portfolios is outdated.
  3. Agencies are curated based on older technologies which are sparingly used nowadays.
  4. Unlike other platforms, VenturePact charges both the clients and freelancers, this drives away customers
  • PeoplePerHour 

Similar to Upwork, Peopleperhour also offers you one-stop access to talent from all over the world. You can not only hire Elixir developers of your choice but also find developers for other programming languages and domains. Peopleperhour allows you to hire a freelancer at either hourly rates or a fixed cost for a project, giving you ample options to pick the pricing structure. All you have to do is post your job, pick the proposal you think is best, and get to work.

Positives – 

  1. Smooth and quick hiring process.
  2. Unlike Upwork, freelancers on Peopleperhour do go through a primary review process to ensure they’re a right fit for the platform.
  3. Comes with most of the collaboration options built-in.
  4. Offers fund protection services to avoid losing money in frauds

Negatives – 

  1. Similar to Arc. Dev, project management is to be handled by the client.
  2. Funds protection for clients costs extra.
  3. The platform has a lot of fake job posts making freelancers lose money on proposals and for clients, they also often lose money on freelancers who abandon the projects after getting paid.
  4. Lackluster customer service
  • Fiverr 

Similar to Upwork Fiverr is also a popular place to find and hire an Elixir development agency as well as talented individual freelancers from all over the world spanning a majority of industries, at affordable per-project-based pricing. The way Fiverr works is that freelancers can list their services along with their prices, and the clients are free to find these services, and after going through the services, they can decide whether to buy their services or not. For organizations, they offer Fiverr Business, where businesses can quickly and confidently hire the best talent from a vetted selection of individuals for their time-restricted tasks and projects.

Positives – 

  1. You can find gigs for all budget types, officially ranging from upwards of $5.
  2. The platform itself is simple and extremely easy to use.
  3. Fiverr offers easy collaboration to bring in your team for effective feedback and reviews.
  4. Fiverr has no shortage of talented individuals as anyone can join the platform, but that also opens up the platform to scammers.
  5. All the communications and payments are handled securely by Fiverr

Negatives – 

  1. Fiverr charges a 20% cut from the sellers(freelancers), which may feel like a lot.
  2. Most suited for branding, graphics, accounting, data entry, and quick ad hoc tasks. Ranks lowest amongst its competitors for software outsourcing.
  3. A majority of the problems that plague Upwork are also present here such as zero curation of freelancers on non-business platforms, an excessive amount of competition for individuals to sell, and more


Picking the best talent from an enormous pool can be an extremely painful task, but what’s even more important is finding the perfect platform for it. To make things easier for you, we covered a handful of popular platforms in this write-up to help you find the right platform to hire Elixir developers and agencies. Platforms like these will always have a flaw here and there, but that shouldn’t discourage you from hiring freelancers for your projects. Taking precautionary measures such as carefully inspecting the profile, reviews, and the portfolio of the freelancers, conducting thorough interviews, and going over the terms and conditions of the portal should help you find the best talent sourcing platform at your desired budget. Good luck.

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