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All That You Need To Know About ‘ChatGPT’

A Detailed Guide For ChatGPT

Recently, press reports have highlighted a new language, AI player, on the horizon. That marks the public debut of ChatGPT, a powerful chatbot. However, the big questions are what is the hype all about, where does this newbie come from, what is its significance, and will ChatGPt be the future of technology? 

In this blog, you will find detailed deets about ChatGPT and how you can employ this software in your real life. 

Before diving into the pool of all this information, let’s find out what ChatGPT is. 

What Is ChatGPT?

In November 2022, OpenAI debuted ChatGPT as a chatbot. It is constructed on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 series of massive language models, and it has completed supervision and reinforcement learning for optimization.

ChatGPT, a variable of GPT3 was made available on November 30, 2022, which quickly gained popularity for its detailed responses and articulate comments on a variety of topics. Within a few days of its launch, it gained millions of users. ChatGPT has not imposed any user fees for its usage so it can be used as many times as you want for free. 

Other notable products from Open AI include DALL-E and DALL-E 2, GPT, GPT-2 and GPT3, RoboSumo, OpenAI Gym, and many more. The DALL-E service, which has additionally become popular on the internet, is a cutting-edge text-to-image generating software that has outperformed most prior Machine Learning (ML) or AI systems in terms of cognitive capacities.

Usually, people are mistaken about ChatGPT and GPT being the same thing. ChatGPT can be called a variant or variable of GPT3. To clear out this confusion, let’s have a look at GPT and its series. 

Difference Between GPT3 and ChatGPT

  1. GPT3 is a general-purpose model of language that is utilized for tasks based on the natural language process which includes translation, answering questions, and summarizing a text, whereas ChatGPT is built for conversational modeling and to generate conversational responses. 
  1. GPT3’s large size and general-purpose design make it capable of performing a wide range of tasks as compared to ChatGPT. However, ChatGPT’s conversational modeling design excels at responding to human-like conversations. 
  1. ChatGPT and GPT3 are both created by OpenAI, as they have similar grounds, their architecture is somewhat similar to each other but not exactly. Both of these sources are live for the public.  

How ChatGPT Came Into Existence?

Surely, ChatGPT has drawn many eyes. However, you might be wondering how it came into existence. ChatGPT was created on the grounds of GPT3. Using both supervised learning and reinforcement learning, ChatGPT was developed upon GPT3.5. In all methods, the effectiveness of the model was strengthened by human trainers.

In the context of supervised learning, the model was given dialogues in which the trainers portrayed both the user and the AI helper. Human trainers evaluated the model’s reactions from a conversation earlier as the initial step in the reinforcement stage. 

Users of ChatGPT are still providing OpenAI with information that can be utilized to train and improve ChatGPT. Users can vote or downvote the answers they acquire from ChatGPT, and after doing so, they can add further comments in a text field.

Features and Limitations of ChatGPT

Journalists have praised ChatGPT’s adaptability and improvisational skills, noting that it can compose and debug computer programs, write poetry and song lyrics, answer test questions, notate music, and student essays, emulate a Linux system, replicate a whole chat room, play games like tic-tac-toe, and visualize an ATM. 

Man pages, information on web trends, and specifics on well-known languages for programming purposes like Python and bulletin board systems are all included in the learning resources for ChatGPT.

Many journalists have proposed that ChatGPT could be utilized as a tailored therapist because, unlike most chatbots, it can recall past instructions from the same session.

There are certain limitations with ChatGPT. OpenAI stated that “ChatGPT occasionally generates plausible-sounding but mistaken or absurd responses”. As per BBC reports ChatGPT is currently prohibited to “express political viewpoints or participate in political activities.” as of December 2022. Regardless of real understanding or factual content, human reviewers who were teaching ChatGPT favored longer responses. The algorithmic bias in training data can be seen when ChatGPT replies to requests that include human-related characteristics. In one instance, ChatGPT produced a rap suggesting that white and male scientists are superior to scientists who are female and of color.

Reactions Towards ChatGPT

Reactions Towards ChatGPT
What Are People Saying About ChatGPT

ChatGPT has witnessed multiple reactions from users both negative and positive. Below are a few examples of various reactions that will surely enlighten you about the functioning of ChatGPT. 

Positive Reactions 

When ChatGPT was originally launched in December 2022, The New York Times hailed it as “the best artificial intelligence chatbot ever released to the general public.” The Guardian’s Samantha Lock reported that it could produce “impressively detailed” and “human-like” prose.

Dan Gillmor, a technical writer, put ChatGPT on a student project and discovered that the writing it produced was on level with what an excellent student usually produces. He concluded that “academics have some very serious challenges to tackle.” 

According to Kelsey Piper of the Vox website, “ChatGPT is smart enough to be useful despite its limitations” and “ChatGPT is the public’s first hands-on encounter to how powerful modern AI has gotten, as a result, many of us are stunned”.

“The striking thing about the reaction to ChatGPT is not just the quantity of individuals who are blown away by it, but who they are,” wrote Paul Graham of Y Combinator in a tweet. There is definitely a large event going on. In a tweet, Elon Musk said, “ChatGPT is terrifying excellent. AI that is dangerously powerful is not far away”. 

sam Altman
Elon Musk tweeted about ChatGPT

In December 2022, Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, “derailed” and redeployed teams across numerous divisions to assist with its artificial intelligence product lines in response to inner concerns about ChatGPT’s surprising power and the discovered recent possibilities of large language designs to interrupt the web search industry. This is reported by The New York Times.

Negative Reactions 

The usage of ChatGPT for producing replies to questions was prohibited by the question-and-answer web portal Stack Overflow in December 2022 due to the responses produced by ChatGPT being technically unclear. 

Tyler Cowen, an economist, highlighted concerns about how it will undermine democracy and mentioned how one could use robotic comments to influence the creation of new legislation. The Guardian urged for government control and queried if anything discovered on the Internet following ChatGPT’s publication “can be fully trusted.” 

According to Ax Sharma of Bleeping Computer, ChatGPT can generate malicious code and spear phishing. Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT, warned that the development of software might provide “a significant cybersecurity risk, for example, “we could get to actual AGI in the coming decade, therefore we have to address the danger of that quite seriously. “Looking forward, one is vertical and flat.” 

Will ChatGPT Replace Google As A Search Engine?

An AI chatbot dubbed LaMDA was already developed by Google. A Google engineer asserted that LaMDA was intelligent since LaMDA performed so much like a human discussion. 

Given how these large language algorithms, like ChatGPT, can react to so many inquiries, is it inconceivable that a company like Google will likely replace traditional search with an Artificial intelligence program?

Many people have already started to believe that ChatGPT is the new Google. There are a few tweets about this on Twitter.

Angela says, “ChatGPT is the new Google.”

The notion that a question-and-answer AI chatbot will one day replace Google is worrisome for people who make their living as search marketing specialists. It has sparked discussions in online communities for search engine marketing, like Meta SEO Signals Lab, where someone questioned whether or not the majority of search queries would eventually move away from search engines or browsers and toward chatbots.

Although technology has a long way to go, it is possible to envision a search tool that mixes chatbots and hybrid search. However, it seems that the way ChatGPT is now set up will likely require users to pay to be able to access it.

Where Can You Use ChatGPT?

As we already know ChatGPT is quite ahead of its time, which means that it is capable of doing many things which is very amazing. The list of these things is very long so here are a few examples of what you can do with ChatGPT. 

  • Writing Codes: ChatGPT can be used to write codes even if you are not a coder. The architecture of ChatGPT has made it possible to process codes and templates without any hectic process of coding. You do not need to continually rewrite the CSS for the navbar, sidebar, and UI components and manage compatibility. Use the ChatGPT code directly store it in the repository, and utilize it repeatedly.
  • Design Inspirations: Every time you want to design an interface for a project, you have to go to Dribble, which makes it difficult to know where to look for precise inspiration. However, you can now express your idea for the website you want to create directly in ChatGPT and request the fundamental design ideas to get started. The procedure is quite quick and useful, and it produces the initial basic design that makes it possible to move on.
  • Writing Story: Chat GPT’s work hasn’t yet debuted at the top of bestseller lists since it hasn’t learned the art of creative style. However, by producing clear narratives and terminology from uncomplicated suggestions, the application helps youngsters produce a nice bedtime story. Children’s publications that have been previously released won’t be replaced by it.  But using OpenAI’s tool ChatGPT to make one can be useful if you’re pressed for time or distant from a child’s collection of bedtime stories. 

What Makes ChatGPT Different From Other Chatbots? 

Chatbots are typically pieces of software that mimic human conversation via text or voice interfaces. To ensure direct communication with a real human agent, the interaction is conducted either through text or text-to-speech technology. 

ChatGPT, on the other hand, operates in the same manner but utilizing only AI technology. It will converse more naturally and respond to follow-up doubts, addressing its errors, refuting false assumptions, and rejecting improper requests. 


ChatGPT has surely made a huge impact on people and will continue to do so. Its uniqueness has attracted many. But we must know that this technology is very new to us and even though it has caught some attention, there is still a lot it has to work on. 

OpenAI is working on this every moment to make ChatGPT user-friendly and safe which will deliver excellent results. 

Claire D. Costa

Claire D. Costa

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