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AI Tools For Graphic Designers In 2024

AI tools for graphic designers

​​In the world of graphic design, there are no limits to one’s imagination. Graphic designers are modern-day artists who translate ideas into appealing graphics, from creating breathtaking pictures to expressing strong messages. Consider combining their creative powers with the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI). Welcome to our informative blog, which discusses seven AI technologies that are ready to alter the field of graphic design.

This thrilling voyage will take us through a slew of AI-powered inventions, each of which is intended to improve and expedite the creative process. These technologies provide a new level to graphic design, one in which technology interacts seamlessly with human ingenuity, from producing creative design concepts to automating difficult chores.

AI Tools For Graphic Designing And Editing 

There are many AI-enabled tools that professionals are using to create new processes and products. AI-enabled tools are all the rage among professionals because they can be used to improve productivity to a great extent. Whether it is through design, development, or automation, these AI-powered tools are the best that we have today. Tech companies are trying to create better AI tools that are upgrading to the present tools. With further upgrades, these tools can get more work done at a smarter, faster pace.

Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei is an interesting tool that is named after the Japanese word for instructor or teacher. The Adobe Sensei is an AI-powered module that works as an instructor and a student as it gathers data to improve its actions. The Sensei program is an effort at combining Machine learning and AI capabilities that work on the Adobe platform. It is an AI-enabled tool that improves video editing and enhancement on the platform. 

Adobe Sensei is used to rotoscope video and do other actions on video that otherwise take a lot of time to finish. One of the functions that Adobe Sensei offers is the Content-Aware Fill which allows you to quickly remove unwanted objects from a picture or video. The content-aware fill feature was earlier only working for images, but with AI, it also works for videos. 

Sensei also has features like Capture Mobile that help in font recognition and text recognition for a video. The feature of the Character Animator of the AI-powered Sensei also helps put auto lip sync for multimedia videos so that the videos come out as perfect. For video editing, the Sensei program also works with an automated color-match feature so that the video is edited without much manual intervention.

Canva Magic Resize

Canva is a popular photo editing and graphic designing module that is also starting to invest in Artificial Intelligence and AI-powered tools. The Magic Resize tool from Canva is used to create and resize the image automatically. The Magic Resize tool is used to make quick changes and do proper resizing for the final output. 

Quick edits on the existing design can be done easily with the Canva Magic Resize tool. The Magic Resize is used very simply by selecting and clicking on the resize button. Resizing is a process that graphic designers have to do from time to time. The Magic Resize option is a perfect example of how an AI tool can reduce repetitive tasks and go for other tasks. 

The Resize option reduces the hassle for the designer. However, if the option is not used properly, it can lead to quality degradation for the image. The graphic designer does not have to redo the graphic dimensions when it is needed if he uses the Magic Resize option smartly.


There are many smart photo editing apps, and Pikazo is one of them. Pikazo is an app that can create artistic output from a common photo. In ten minutes, the app can create an AI-enhanced painting representation of a photo input. The app simulates the visual cortex and creates something out of your beautiful images using a photo as a base canvas. Digital art is all the rage in the artistic world, and Pikazo is at the forefront of creating digital art in a few minutes. 

The app uses a neural network to simulate the visual cortex and create an artistic representation of a photograph. Pikazo works by creating a painting type of image by blending two images. One image is that of the Subject, and the other is of Style. The Subject is the photo, and the Style is the painting. With the help of the neural network, Picazo creates a completely different representation of the photo that looks painted. 

When used well, the app can create amazing artwork that can be printed and framed. Pikazo is working to integrate more features, like a photo booth that can work with a simple tablet and a printer to create digital artwork anywhere. The AI program in the app works like an amazing artist to create output that looks like brush strokes of vibrant colors. Pikazo also works in association with Vangoz which is an online marketplace for digital art.

Deep Dream Generator

The Deep Dream Generator is a convoluted neural network created with the help of Deep AI, which can be used to create exaggerated and enhanced images. The results of the Deep Dream Generator are dream-like, where the AI program is successful in bringing the imagination of the editor to reality. 

If you wish to let your imagination run wild and create hallucinogenic-like responses, the Deep Dream Generator is a good AI tool to create the output. The Deep Dream Generator uses an algorithm called the pareidolia to create psychedelic-like images.

The algorithm was first created by Google in the year 2009. Graphic designers and artists have used the Deep Dream generator as an assistant to their imagination and to enhance images beyond what generic computer programs can do.

Logojoy AI

Something as basic as Logo design can also be enhanced in quality and pace with the help of Logojoy AI. Logojoy Ai is a smart logo design software that can save graphic designers and logo designing companies a lot of time and skill. Logojoy was launched in 2016.

With the input provided to the algorithm, several high-quality logo designs can be created in a few minutes. You do not need to invest in the extensive process of designing if Logojoy is used. The algorithm is very popular among startups and small businesses who do not want to go for a design team because of fewer funds.


Moving on from simple photo filters, tech companies are creating AI-powered video filters and editing tools that can be used to enhance the quality and look of videos. Artisto is an app that can work on mobile phones and tablets to create high-quality video filters that work through neural networks that identify the frames that need enhancement.

Artisto is a handy app if you want to edit your short format videos for social media posting. It is an AI Tool that is very popular among businesses and content creators.


Sketch2Code is an AI application that can be used to create code from visuals. It is very useful in the current web development landscape. Sketch2Code is a very productive and resourceful tool that converts hand-drawn images into HTML code for programmers. The tool is a bridge between two media that helps create code that is simple and easily used.

With the help of Sketch2Code, the programmer can change the wireframe plan of the code into real code. The tool omits a lot of steps from the code as the final output. The AI tool uses computer vision and object prediction models to create highly productive codes from images and visuals.


In the above sections, the most important and popular AI tools for graphic designing and wireframing are discussed. From Sketch2Code to Adobe Sensei, AI tools can be used to create and enhance photos and videos. These AI tools make the work of a video and photo editor and designer very interesting. AI tools have simplified the process of graphic designing and improved the productivity level of graphic designers. 

The result is better quality, faster, automated processes with better output in the case of image editing and graphic designing. Since we are living in an era where our consumption of video and images has gone up, such AI tools are here to stay. AI is fast evolving, and we will see better AI tools and improved features in different fields as we approach the near future.

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