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3 Critical Pillars to evaluate a software development agency

3 Critical Pillars

When selecting from different software development agencies to enter into business negotiations with, it is necessary for you to evaluate their performance. For most, the main point of interest is the effectiveness of the prospective product of the company. However, secondary issues include things like customer service, cost and time. Here are the 3 most important pillars to evaluate software development agencies.

References and reviews

One of the most underrated techniques of seeking for great software development agency is Word of mouth. If you have a professional network, you will definitely find someone who is currently doing or has done business with different software development companies. You’ll get bad and good reviews which may help you evaluate those agencies. Similarly, references/advice are the most reliable sources of information. You can gather opinions from various forums or from your trusted friends with a vast knowledge of software development. You may take part in a business forum or the developer’s forum to search for advice and to check the details about a peculiar agency. While searching for reviews or seeking professional advice, you need to consider some important elements to assess the software development agency, such as quality, cost, schedule, and willingness to refer.

Clients and experience

If there are several controversial reviews and opinions on the matter, then ‘experience and clients’ is another important pillar that makes a difference. It is important to know which clients are served by the specific software development agency. In addition, the experience is also a major determinant for the evaluation of the agency. Basically, the experience does not focus on the stacked portfolio of the developer, instead, it is a conclusion based on the demonstrated solid teamwork, proof point of focus, and established, time-proven, and streamlined methodologies of the developer.

Those agencies that have been in business for many years possess an inevitable share of failures and successes that help in the generation of invaluable data for the cultural and technological evolution of a company, enabling them to securely and reliably provide challenging enterprise-scale solutions with flawless performance.

Market Presence

The market presence of the firm, its reputation, and its position in the market also act as a major pillar to evaluate the performance of the company. For example, with the help of social media, you may look for dedicated agencies, check their portfolios and websites, and further filter the agencies according to your preferences.

Claire D. Costa

Claire D. Costa

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